Shrek’s Swamp and Play Area Take Shape and More DreamWorks Land Updates at Universal Studios Florida

Annie Wilson

The new DreamWorks Land under construction at Universal Studios Florida will let guests step into the worlds of Shrek, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda. Universal has not officially confirmed much for this new land yet, but construction seems to be moving along nicely. One of the first things guests see as they look toward this new area is Shrek’s Swamp.

DreamWorks Land

Large tree stump with grass around the base and trails of moss on the sides of the trunk.

Scaffolding was being removed from the base of the tree trunk in our last update. With all of the scaffolding removed now, it’s much easier to see all the detailing on the tree, like the fuzzy green moss that runs up and down it.

A rope bridge in the play area

Just behind the tree trunk, close to the entrance to E.T. Adventure, we can see a bridge has started to take shape in the play area. We’ve seen railings installed recently and now a rope bridge has been added.

a beige colored dome on top of a light brown roof

This building is expected to be Mama Luna’s, who is a minor character from the film “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.” The top of the building is domed and has a silver cat and fish bone weathervane. This domed piece was added to the roof in our last update, but it was still wrapped in black plastic. The plastic has been removed, revealing a beige tower underneath.

Wide shot showing the distance between the DreamWorks land sign and the new awnings.

At the front of the new area, right behind the DreamWorks Land sign, new awnings have popped up in front of the “go away green” colored building.

one light grey awnings with pink poles and one dark blue awning with dark blue poles seen over the top of the construction walls

There are pink and blue poles with grey and blue awnings. These are right up against the green building.

a dark shape with a rainbow and a white shape against a light blue background

Under one of the awnings, we could see part of an image. We’re not sure what these are, but they almost look like cat ears. One is dark with a rainbow and one is white.

The top of a pink structure in the Trolls area

A little further back towards the Trolls area, we can see the top of a bright pink and red dome. In our last update, we could see a red and black pole that was installed. Over the last week, we’ve seen this domed shape installed over the beam.

wide shot of the DreamWorks Land construction walls

There’s a lot more happening behind the walls that we can’t see, but hopefully, Universal Destinations and Experiences will make some announcements soon. The new DreamWorks Land is scheduled to open sometime this year, so stay tuned for more updates.

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