More Steel Added on Top of DVC Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Crew members installing steel triangles

More Steel Added on Top of DVC Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Crews continue to paint the new DVC tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which is scheduled to open this year.

Polynesian DVC Tower Construction

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort DVC tower

On the lagoon side of the tower, crews have painted more of the walls on the north wing and begun to paint the south wing. The north wing is surrounded by scaffolding. It’s been several weeks since it was painted with white primer.

Scaffolding on DVC tower

The north end facing Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is now dark brown. A tall section on the other side of the tower has been painted a lighter tan color.

North of DVC tower

Many of the balcony walls have been painted light brown or tan. Some are still white while other areas haven’t received primer or paint.

Center of Disney Vacation Club tower

Some light tan paint has been added to a structure on the top of the center of the building. Some of the balcony walls have been painted a yellow-ish color.

Crews painting DVC tower

The south wing, facing the Grand Ceremonial House, now has a shade of light tan paint across most of it. Crew members in a cherry picker were working near a column on the top floor. The balcony doors are covered in plastic tarps to protect them from paint.

Crew members on cherry picker

There was also some light tan paint on the side of the building facing away from the lagoon. Painting moved to that side just a few weeks ago.

Crew members on cherry picker

The tower is located on the edge of Seven Seas Lagoon, where Luau Cove and the Spirit of Aloha dinner show used to be. It’s next to the Fiji and Tuvalu buildings of the resort.

Pool construction

Crews are also working on a new pool for the tower on the south side. Concrete was poured for the pool last month.

Pool construction

We saw some crew members working in the empty pool during our recent visit.

Ducts in DVC tower

Through an opening in the building, we saw a row of ducts staged for installation behind scaffolding.

DVC tower construction

Another area of dirt has been carved near the pool. Wood walls create a circle in the ground.

Ground construction

Crew members were also working in this excavated area. This could be a hot tub or other water feature.

Steel awning pieces

Crew members in two cherry pickers were installing new metal pieces on the top center of the building, a floor lower than the wing-shaped piece previously installed. A matching wing-shaped awning is on the other side of the building, with sheeting across it.

Crews installing steel triangles

Over a dozen triangular pieces have been installed in a row. Two more are further down the wall, lined up with two of the columns sticking up from the floor below.

Crew members installing triangle pieces

There are supports in place for more of these triangular pieces. A cord of some kind hung down from the piece on the left.

Crew members installing steel triangles

It looks like this will be a decorative overhang roof for the top floor balconies.

Steel overhang

A completed row of these steel triangles is on the other side of the center of the building. Some steel sheathing has been placed on the edge of these triangles.

Construction on first floor of tower

Steel sheathing also covers part of the framework of this structure attached to the first floor. This looks like it will be a restaurant looking out at the lagoon. The sheathing is over a circular roof at the corner and a long awning to the right.

Interior of first floor restaurant

Several white poles stick out of the ground inside the potential restaurant. Concrete has not been poured into the space yet.

Are you excited about the new DVC tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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