PHOTOS: U.K. Pavilion Repainting Complete at EPCOT, Scaffolding Removed

Shannen Ace

U.K. Pavilion facades and garden

PHOTOS: U.K. Pavilion Repainting Complete at EPCOT, Scaffolding Removed

The repainting project on some of the U.K. Pavilion façades in EPCOT is now complete. Scaffolding and barriers have been removed from the garden so guests can walk through the area once again.

U.K. Pavilion Construction

U.K. Pavilion shop facades

Scaffolding went up at the pavilion five weeks ago, blocking all of the façades facing the front garden. These façades house the Tea Caddy, The Queen’s Table, and Lords and Ladies gift shops. Crews began to remove scaffolding about a week ago.

U.K. Pavilion brick facade

The façade on the left is mostly unchanged. It’s brick with white and off-white trim. The upper windows have a balcony with a wrought-iron railing. There’s a black door on the first floor that is not open to guests.

U.K. Pavilion white stone facade

The side of the building has a white stone façade with a blue door. A black fence runs around planters with grass and trees.

U.K. Pavilion yellow facade

The next façade is a brighter yellow color than previously. There is still a single rolling planter in front of an aqua-blue set of doors, indicating there is a little bit of work left to be done. The frame around the nearby windows is a new shade of teal blue, having been the same color as the surrounding walls before.

U.K. Pavilion facades and garden

The roof of the second-story bay window is also a new blue-green color. It was previously a light tan or brown. There is frequently a bench in front of the yellow façade but it has not been returned yet.

U.K. Pavilion brick and peach facade

The next building has brick walls on the first floor with white columns and trim. The walls of the second floor have been painted a fresh peachy color having previously been the same pale yellow as the façade to the left.

Another rolling planter is to the right where this façade meets the cottage-like Tea Caddy façade.

U.K. Pavilion Tea Caddy facade

The Tea Caddy was also repainted. It was previously more orange but it’s now a brighter shade of white. The trim and roof are still brown.

Crews are still finishing up construction work on the U.K. Pavilion restrooms.

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