Walt Disney World Ranked #1 Rip-Off Tourist Attraction in Country

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Mickey and Minnie Fab 50 statues in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Ranked #1 Rip-Off Tourist Attraction in Country

In a survey conducted by Casino.org, Walt Disney World was ranked as the top rip-off of U.S.A. tourist attractions.

Casino.org curated its list of scams by first finding the top results for “rip-off” on Google Trends and Tripadvisor. They then surveyed over 5,000 American participants in January 2024 on this data.

Respondents ranked the top three generic rip-offs as college textbooks (#1), credit scores (#2), and movie theater snacks (#3).

Walt Disney World #1 Tourist Rip-Off

Front of Cinderella Castle and lantern at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

60% of respondents stated Walt Disney World was the biggest rip-off when it comes to tourist attractions. This also made it the top rip-off for the state of Florida.

A one-day ticket for a Walt Disney World theme park starts at $109, varying depending on the theme park and date. For example, the cheapest ticket for Tuesday, February 20, is $164 for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. A ticket to Magic Kingdom would cost guests $184. That’s without the Park Hopper option, which allows guests to visit more than one park per day.

Following Walt Disney World as #2 and #3 on the list of rip-off tourist attractions were the National Mall in Washington D.C. and the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. The rest of the top 10, in order, were the Statue of Liberty, Space Needle, Gateway Arch, Navy Pier, Hoover Dam, Ole’ Faithful, and Glacier National Park.

Visit Casino.org to see the top list of top rip-offs in each state.

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4 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Ranked #1 Rip-Off Tourist Attraction in Country”

  1. Why on earth would the National Mall be considered a “rip-off”, since there is no admission charge? I suppose some folks are ignorant enough to think that is is a shopping mall rather than an open field with monuments, museums and government buildings scattered about?

  2. How is the National Mall a rip-off? When did they start even charging for it? I guess it’s a “rip-off” if you went there thinking it was a “Cinnabon and a Forever 21” type mall, but instead I guess it’s mostly just the boring old Smithsonian museums. Note that I am not at all challenging that Disney World is the biggest rip-off in the country, I’m just deeply suspicious of any poll that ranks monuments and museums that are ABSOLUTELY FREE as the #2 rip-off. when clearly #2 should have been Disneyland.

  3. I agree with this survey. I was a Passholder for years, went twice a year and stayed on property. I no longer go into the parks. Last visited in 12/23, but visited the other resorts o see decoration. I can fly to Rome, and at a 4 star hotel for 9 days or I could spend that amount on 4 days at WDW. Guess what I opt for. A normal family cant go to WDW. Walt would be pissed.

  4. This is a joke, Disney is a great place to spend the day, no matter what park or day you decide to go. And the national mall??? How is it a rip off when it is free to get in to any of the museums…. This reporter must not do his own research.


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