2024 Easter Egg Display at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

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2024 Easter Egg Display at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Easter season is upon Walt Disney World Resort, and the annual egg displays are now in place through April 1. One of the participating locations is Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

A wide shot of the 2024 Easter egg display at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

2024 Easter Eggs at Disney’s Contemporary Resort


The entrance to BVG at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

There are two eggs located near Bayview Gifts on the 4th floor (the Grand Canyon Concourse).


An Easter egg themed to Fantasia on display.

This Easter egg references the “Dance of the Hours” sequence from the film, and features chocolate sculptures of Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator.

The back of the Fantasia themed egg.

The back of the egg is a dark blue with swirls of stars and music notes, referencing the film’s poster with Sorcerer Mickey.

Mickey Popcorn Bucket

An Easter egg shaped like a Mickey popcorn bucket, with one large egg and two smaller eggs for the ears.

This Easter egg display is shaped like a Mickey popcorn bucket, with one large egg for the center portion, and two smaller eggs for Mickey’s “ears.”

The back of the Mickey popcorn bucket Easter egg, with "popcorn" coming out of it.

The back of the egg shows the popcorn bucket’s strap, as well as many pieces of popcorn emerging from the “bucket.”

Lobby – Returning

Easter Bunny

An Easter egg covered in flowers and a chocolate molded Easter bunny sitting on top.

In the lobby of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, a number of Easter egg displays have returned for 2024. This one at the center of the photo above is light blue and covered in white flowers. A molded Easter bunny sits at the very top.

The Lion King

An Easter egg themed to The Lion King, with a sequence from Hakuna Matata recreated inside.

This bright green Easter egg is covered in various bugs, grubs, and flowers. At the center are silhouettes of Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon, straight from the “Hakuna Matata” sequence of the animated film.


A small egg designed to look like a beehive sits on a table, located in the far right of the image.

Toward the bottom right of this image is an Easter egg crafted to look like a beehive, complete with tiny chocolate bees.


A pirate-themed Easter egg, with a wood grain shell and a blue octopus on top. The inside shows a pirate ship and a treasure chest of gold coins.

This Easter egg features a wood grain-style shell, with a blue octopus on top and a hidden Mickey in gold to its left. Inside the egg is a nighttime scene with a pirate ship, and a treasure chest filled with gold coins.

This is a returning design from last year, but 2023’s octopus was orange.

The Golden Egg

A large Easter egg on display covered in gold leaf.

This large Easter egg is covered in gold leaf, earning its name of “The Golden Egg.”

Lobby – New

2024 Cast Member Names

An Easter egg featuring the names of the Cast Members who work in the Contemporary Bakery.

This cream-colored egg features the names of the Cast Members who work in the Contemporary Bakery, written in chocolate.

Wreck-It-Ralph – Sugar Rush

An Easter egg inspired by Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph, featuring a chocolate sculpture of Vanellope.

This Easter egg is inspired by Vanellope’s video game from “Wreck-It Ralph,” Sugar Rush. It even features a chocolate molded go-kart and Vanellope herself.


A display not shaped like an egg, but is stylized as a birdhouse.

This egg display doesn’t look like an egg at all, and instead is crafted to look like a birdhouse. A tiny bird sits on top, and you can see inside the birdhouse, thanks to its Mickey-shaped opening.

Toy Story – Mr. Potato Head

An Easter egg created to look like Mr. Potato Head from the Toy Story films.

Mr. Potato Head is the star of this creation, which uses an egg as his potato body. To his left are blocks that read, “M R P.” An extra ear and smile rest at his feet, alongside a monkey that’s gotten loose from its barrel.

Under the Sea

A blue Easter egg with blue scales, red flowers, seaweed, and a scroll that reads "Under the sea."

This egg takes some inspiration from the sea, with half of the egg covered in dark blue scales. The display rests on “sand,” surrounded by shells, coral, and seaweed. A scroll spans the upper part of the egg, reading “Under the sea.”

Wall-E & EVE

An Easter egg display of EVE and WALL-E from the Pixar film WALL-E.

This display features a large egg sculpted to be EVE from “WALL-E.” To her left is a tiny, folded-up version of the adorable robot from the Pixar film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

An Easter egg that features Jack Skellington's pinstripe suit and bat tie on one side, and Sally's patchwork dress pattern on the other.

This egg is split right down the middle, with the left half emulating Jack Skellington’s pinstripe suit and bat tie. The right half is entirely made of Sally’s patchwork dress.

Minnie Mouse

An Easter egg display featuring Minnie Mouse, white flowers, and two bunny feet sticking out from the top.

This bright pink egg features a display of white flowers surrounding Minnie Mouse’s head. Emerging from the top of the egg are two gray bunny feet and a white tail. The “lid” of the egg is shaped like a Minnie ear hat.

Walt Disney and Mickey

An Easter egg display featuring silhouettes of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, featuring Walt's famous quote about Mickey.

This egg has a gradient blue sky and green grass, with a silhouette of the iconic Partners statue. Above the shadow is a white cloud that includes Walt Disney’s famous quote about how “it was all started by a mouse.”

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

An Easter egg display inspired by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” you’ll immediately recognize this display. Modeled after the titular Clubhouse, this creation includes multiple eggs to bring the entire structure together.


An Up-inspired Easter Egg, featuring Carl and Ellie's living room.

This display references Carl and Ellie’s living room from Pixar’s “Up.” Their chairs are made of chocolate, and the display also includes a grape soda bottle cap and the couple’s Adventure Book.

“it’s a small world”

An Easter egg inspired by "it's a small world."

This egg takes inspiration from “it’s a small world,” and includes glittering pastel flowers and the clock numbers from the ride’s facade.

There are also Easter egg displays at Disney’s Grand Floridian, Beach Club, and Yacht Club Resorts.

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