Astronaut Mickey figure

Astronaut Mickey Figure From EPCOT Appears at Disneyland

Toni Ferrigno

An astronaut Mickey figure appears to have made its way to Disneyland all the way from EPCOT.

Astronaut Mickey wide shot

The figure can be found in Tomorrowland, “walking” up a support column beneath the flying saucer of the DVC kiosk.

Astronaut Mickey

What makes the figure notable is that it appears to be the same figure that once stood inside Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay, the gift shop for Mission: SPACE at Walt Disney World. In fact, the site for the EPCOT location still uses an image that features Mickey in his astronaut gear on their site, despite the figure being gone for years.

Astronaut Mickey in Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay

Here’s a look at what Mickey was like when he was still at EPCOT.

Close up of Astronaut Mickey

After seemingly traveling to the west coast, the figure has gotten a new paint job with a futuristic metallic color scheme replacing the more traditional one he had at EPCOT.

Back of Astronaut Mickey

The bright red and blue colors have been replaced with jewel-toned shades of maroon and navy.

Star View Station billboard

Behind Mickey is a Disney Vacation Club billboard noting different DVC locations. The DVC Star View Station is a member-exclusive lounge. The first DVC lounge in Disneyland opened in April of last year on the second floor of Star Wars Launch Bay.

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