BREAKING: First New Turnstiles with MagicBand+ Touchpoints Installed at Disneyland Resort Theme Parks

Brit Tuttle

While visiting Disneyland Resort today, we saw that new turnstiles with updated features had been installed at the entrance of Disney California Adventure, following up on permits filed late last year.

New Turnstiles at Disney California Adventure

A wide shot of one of the new turnstiles installed at Disney California Adventure.

The new turnstiles can be found on the far right side of the entrance if you’re facing the gates to Disney California Adventure. At the time of publication, they are not in use. Multiple barriers surround the new turnstiles on both sides.

Permits were filed with the City of Anaheim on December 8, 2023 for updated park gates at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure; those plans also included these new turnstiles.

A look at the other turnstile newly installed at Disney California Adventure.

These new turnstiles are quite open to allow strollers, wheelchairs, and scooters to pass through more easily.

They look very similar to the updated turnstiles recently installed at Disneyland Paris, where guests can simply scan their ticket once at the turnstiles to enter. If there is a park reservation linked to a guest’s ticket, the gates open automatically.

A close-up of the attached screen and MagicBand+ scanner on the new turnstile.

Here, you can see the MagicBand+ touchpoint installed on the right-hand side, just below a screen with a camera installed. Once in operation, guests with a MagicBand+ can tap into the park as their form of entry.

A close-up of the hidden Mickey camera embedded into the screen.

The camera itself is embedded in a hidden Mickey, built into the screen.

A wide shot of the new turnstiles from inside Disney California Adventure.

Looking at the turnstiles from inside the park, we can get a look at how guests will exit the park through these new turnstiles.

A look behind one of the new turnstiles.

A screen is also located on this side. There is a textured mat in the middle to allow for extra traction when passing through.

A look behind the other new turnstile entrance.

Clear gates can be seen here, which can open once a guest is scanned into the park.

What do you think of these new turnstiles? Are you excited to try them out once they become operational? Let us know in the comments.

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