How Does Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Work? Volume 5: Old Key West Resort

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How Does Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Work? Volume 5: Old Key West Resort

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Welcome to the fifth in a series of articles introducing newbies to Disney Vacation Club. In this article, we’ll take a look at Disney’s Old Key West resort, so even if you’re not a newbie to DVC you might want to keep reading to learn more about this wonderful resort.

Many vacationers, especially Orlando vacationers, shudder at the mention of a timeshare. And while DVC is a timeshare, it’s unlike a traditional timeshare in almost every way. This series of articles will outline the basics of how Disney Vacation Club works, how to become a member, and how to book stays at a Disney Vacation Club resort. If you missed Volume 1: Timeshare Basics, we talked about timeshares in general and how Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare but is also very different from a typical timeshare. In Volume 2: DVC Basics – All About Points, we delved into the points system that DVC uses to book accommodations. In Volume 3: DVC Basics – Use Years, Banking, and Borrowing, we took a deep dive into how you can use your points wisely by banking and borrowing points. Last month in Volume 4: Exchanges, we took a detailed look at how timeshare exchange networks function, both within Disney and across the world. If you haven’t read those articles yet, I’d recommend you go back and read those first and then come back here.

Now that we spent a few months to give you a good look at many of the concepts behind Disney Vacation Club, I thought it would be a time for a tangent to take a look at some of the DVC resorts in detail so you can get a feel for how they compare to the accommodations you’ve stayed at for your past Disney trips. First up will be Old Key West, the original Disney Vacation Club Resort.

old key west 03

The History of Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Disney’s first timeshare resort was called “Disney’s Vacation Club Resort” when it opened on December 20, 1991. It wasn’t until January 1996 that it was renamed to “Disney’s Old Key West Resort” which was necessitated by the construction of additional DVC resorts at Walt Disney World. Themed to, as you might have guessed, Key West, specifically the turn-of-the-century time period, the resort has 761 rooms including Studios, 1- and 2-Bedroom Villas, and the 3-Bedroom Grand Villa.

old key west 06

Accommodations at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Old Key West has the largest rooms of any Disney Vacation Club Resort. We have extensive photo and video room tours so you can see all of the details of each room type.

Although Old Key West is an older resort, many guests appreciate the spacious rooms and relaxed atmosphere of the resort, as well as the ease of parking right in front of your villa.

old key west 07

Amenities at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Olivia’s Cafe is the only table-service restaurant at Disney’s Old Key West Resort and offers American style breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menu. Check out our brunch review below.

Good’s Food to Go is a counter-service location in the main building facing the marina, near the feature pool. It offers burgers, salads, desserts, and snacks.

Goods Food to Go Exterior 620x33 1

Gurgling Suitcase is the bar at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. Located adjacent to Good’s Food to Go, it is conveniently close to the main pool.

Gurgling Suitcase sign 620x330 1

Turtle Shack is a counter service location at the village pool on Old Turtle Pond Road. Offering pizza and sandwiches, it is open seasonally and is usually closed in the colder seasons.

turtle shack poolside snacks 00

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is served by Disney Transport bus transportation to the parks and Disney Springs, and also offers watercraft transportation to Disney Springs, which is a leisurely ride even if you don’t get off the boat!

How to Stay at Disney’s Old Key West Resort if You’re Not a DVC Member

Now that we’ve introduced you to the Disney Vacation Club concept, are you excited to learn more? If you’re interested but not ready to buy into DVC just yet, I recommend trying out the DVC resorts and see if they’re for you. If you’ve always stayed at the All-Stars, a DVC resort can make a big difference in your vacation. To find out just how big of a difference, and whether you think it’s worth it, you can rent DVC points for your next Disney trip. This gives you the opportunity to stay at a DVC resort just like a DVC member, but without buying into the system just yet. If this sounds like a great idea, contact our friends at DVC Rental Store to book your next resort stay in one of the many DVC resorts at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or Hilton Head Island, Vero Beach, or even Hawaii! If you’re in love with this idea and think you’re ready to buy in, get the best deal on a DVC contract from DVC Resale Market, which is staffed by many former DVC cast members who know the ins and outs of buying into DVC.