REVIEW: Olivia’s Cafe Brunch Offers Hits and Misses at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Brit Tuttle

REVIEW: Olivia’s Cafe Brunch Offers Hits and Misses at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

On a recent visit to Disney’s Old Key West Resort, we decided to pop in to Olivia’s Cafe and see what brunch has to offer.

Olivia's Cafe

Shrimp Fritters – $13

served with key lime mustard

shrimp fritters at olivia's cafe

The batter these shrimp fritters are fried in is to die for, and they are well seasoned with a light and crispy exterior.

shrimp fritters cross-section at olivia's cafe

Inside, the fritters are doughy in texture with bits of diced shrimp throughout. The taste is somewhat fishy, but still a good dish overall.

We found the key lime mustard to be the perfect accompaniment, as it helps to cut some of that fishy flavor.

These shrimp fritters were first added to the menu at Olivia’s Cafe in 2022, after replacing the resort’s staple conch fritters. This change was made in an effort to support sustainable seafood initiatives at Walt Disney World Resort.

Our first try of this appetizer was less than stellar, but we’re happy to have had a better experience with the dish this time around. You can check out our original review here.

Plant-based Papa’s Hash – $15

tamari-marinated tofu, roasted peppers, spinach, and tomatoes with fried potatoes

plant-based papa's hash at olivia's cafe

This dish was very starchy, and felt very heavy due to the fried potatoes.

plant-based papa's hash close-up at olivia's cafe

The tofu was well-cooked, but under-seasoned in our opinion for it to be advertised as “tamari-marinated.” Tamari should offer a tich, savory flavor with a hint of sweetness, which was not present in the dish. Ultimately, we were disappointed with Papa’s Hash.

Off-Menu Chicken and Waffles – $25

fried chicken cutlet and three Mickey & Minnie shaped waffles

off-menu chicken and waffles at olivia's cafe

This Olivia’s Cafe off-menu offering was a surprise for us. When there are so many interesting and unusual takes on this dish, it was almost strange to see chicken and waffles presented in a more traditional style. There’s no gimmick, no extra, funky sauce added; this was just three Mickey & Minnie waffles offered alongside a fried chicken cutlet. Our server did bring us traditional butter and syrup to the table, though.

This dish is the same price as the Southernmost Buttermilk Fried Chicken entrée, which includes sides of mashed potatoes, Southern gravy, a biscuit, and seasonal vegetables. The price point feels a little high for just the chicken and waffles, but if you don’t mind the price, we think it hits the spot.

off-menu chicken and waffles at olivia's cafe

We found the fried chicken to be juicy and wonderfully seasoned. The Mickey & Minnie waffles were expertly cooked, which is a rarer occurrence than you might think!

Have you been to Olivia’s Cafe for brunch? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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