New Frontierland Props Include Whiskey, Rifles, and Horseshoes at Magic Kingdom

Eric Morton

Themed crates in Frontierland

New Frontierland Props Include Whiskey, Rifles, and Horseshoes at Magic Kingdom

As construction continues for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at the Magic Kingdom, we noticed some new Frontierland props placed in front of the Frontierland station as the area continues to get a refresh with props common to the period. Themed crates and barrels with items varying from horseshoes to flintlock rifles can be seen stacked as if they are either waiting to be loaded onto the train, or have just been unloaded from the train.

Frontierland props in front of Frontierland Station

Frontierland Props

While the props look perfect for a photo opportunity, they appear behind a fence, and the ground in front of them is covered in pine straw. So while guests can’t stand too close to the props, they still make for a nice backdrop in the highly themed area of the Magic Kingdom.

A fenced area with themed crates
A number of themed crates and barrels in Frontierland

Upon closer inspection, you can see that among the props are lanterns, soap, railroad spikes, unknown materials in crates and barrels, including a barrel marked “XXX”, typically indicative of moonshine. The next stack of items includes horseshoes, whiskey, a crate marked “The Humidor Quality Leather”, lumber, flintlock rifles, and more lanterns. Various crates are marked as “Fragile”.

Closeup of some crates
Themed crates in Frontierland

While appropriate items for Frontierland’s time period, many of these items are prohibited in Walt Disney World parks.

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