Pizza Planet pizza cutter, t-shirt, bag

New Pizza Planet Merchandise Includes Pizza Cutter & Pet Shirt at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

A new collection of Pizza Planet merchandise has landed at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District. The merchandise includes a pizza cutter, adult T-shirt, pet shirt, and drawstring bag.

Pizza Planet Pizza Cutter – $14.99

Pizza Planet pizza cutter

The pizza cutter is shaped like a rocket, resembling the Pizza Planet logo and decorations in the “Toy Story” restaurant. It’s white with the Pizza Planet logo in red on the front and three red boosters. The circular blade sticks out of the bottom of the rocket.

Tee – $29.99

Pizza Planet adult T-shirt

The adult tee is white. Two red checkered stripes on the chest frame the Pizza Planet wordmark — a literal pizza planet with a ring around it — and the words “Food & Fun Spaceport Serving Your Local Star Cluster.”

Pizza Planet shirt design

Three little green aliens appear to have been drawn on the shirt. Also written across the design are “Ooh…” and “It’s Pizza!”

Pet Shirt – $24.99

Pizza Planet Disney Tails pet shirt

This off-white pet shirt has faux buttons printed on the bottom. Behind them are velcro strips. The sleeves have red cuffs. A small Pizza Planet wordmark is printed on the chest.

pet shirt close up

A patch on the red sleeve reads “Freshest in the galaxy.” A black and red spaceship is embroidered with red exhaust lines behind it and black stars around it.

back of pet shirt

On the back is an image of Pizza Planet as seen in “Toy Story,” with a rocket parked outside a planet-shaped building. “Freshest in the galaxy” is above the building. The Pizza Planet wordmark is below with “Serving your local star cluster.”

The phone number listed is 1 (555) 113-1995. 113 refers to A113, a frequent Pixar Easter egg honoring a California Institute of the Arts animation classroom. 1995 is the year “Toy Story” was released in theaters.

Drawstring Bag – $24.99

Pizza Planet drawstring bag

This bag is red with a white design and a white interior. The two drawstring straps are black.

Pizza Planet design on bag

The design is similar to the T-shirt, although lacking the alien drawings. The Pizza Planet wordmark is across the center.

close up of drawstring bag

“Delivery service available!” is in the top right corner.

"Serving your local star cluster"

“Serving your local star cluster” is across the bottom.

back of bag

The back of the bag is solid red.

Which Pizza Planet merchandise item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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