PHOTOS: Galactic Gateway Stage Refurbishment and Repainting Continues at Magic Kingdom

Toni Ferrigno

Galactic Gateway Stage

PHOTOS: Galactic Gateway Stage Refurbishment and Repainting Continues at Magic Kingdom

The Galactic Gateway stage is undergoing a refurbishment in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Galactic Gateway Stage Refurbishment

A wide shot of the Galactic Gateway stage.

The Tomorrowland entertainment destination has been home to dance parties and meet and greets. It can be found between Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress and the Tomorrowland Joffrey’s Revive stand. The different structures of the area are currently blocked off with temporary rolling planters.

A closer look at the Galactic Gateway stage.

We checked on refurbishment progress over two days at Magic Kingdom. On the Galactic Gateway stage, also called the Rockettower Plaza Stage, you could see that various spots on the mint green trim have begun getting worked on.

This refurbishment could very well be just for a new coat of paint, as the blue bases of the lighting structure have already been upgraded with new paint.

Plastic tarp covering the Galactic Gateway tech booth.

The tech booth that faces the main stage was covered in plastic on our first visit. It appeared as though the paint was being scraped off before a new coat went on.

Paint removal in Tomorrowland.

The side revealed the progress of the paint removal.

The Galactic Gateway tech booth, with the plastic tarp removed.

The next day, the plastic was off and the booth had a new, darker gray look.

A close-up of the tech booth.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared almost as if a thin layer of concrete had been added to the building.

The back of the tech booth in Tomorrowland.

Work is still in progress, but this side of the booth underwent a drastic transformation overnight.

A wide shot of the Galactic Gateway stage.

It appeared as though the majority of the attention was on the tech booth, as we couldn’t notice any major changes to the stage from one day to the next.

Have you ever participated in a dance party or meet and greet at the Galactic Gateway stage? Let us know in the comments below.

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