PHOTOS: Starfall Racers Ride Testing Underway at Universal Epic Universe

Toni Ferrigno

The train for the Universal Epic Universe roller coaster, Starfall Racers, has been added to the track as the ride undergoes testing for the new park’s 2025 opening.

X (Formerly Twitter) user, Bioreconstruct shared images of the Starfall Racers train parked on its track on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The train is in a brake run, indicating testing is being conducted.

Starfall Racers train parked in a brake zone
Credit: Bioreconstruct

Starfall Racers, which will be located in the Celestial Park area of Epic Universe, will give guests the feeling of boarding a comet to race across the cosmos. From the photo above, you can get a good look at the cosmic theming, with the vehicle’s purple and blue paint job, featuring small white “stars” throughout.

Starfall Racers ride vehicle from above
Credit: Bioreconstruct

An aerial view of the train gives a better view of the red and orange seats and restrains. The front of the vehicle is a white starburst, outlined in blue.

Starfall Racers track including top hat element
Credit: Bioreconstruct

Crew members were working on the attraction on the day the photos were taken. Here, you can get a good look at the yellow track. Universal notes that the roller coaster will have no external track lighting at night, giving the vehicles, which will be fully illuminated, the appearance of comets flying above Celestial Park.

Starfall Racers comet element from above
Credit: Bioreconstruct

Bioreconstruct also shared a look at the front of the attraction, which is still undergoing theming. So far, it’s looking very similar to the shared concept art, which you can see below.

Starfall Racers

Starfall racers comet element from ground level
Credit: Universal Studios

A side-by-side race between two comets, Starfall Racers is designed to feel like an old wooden roller coaster, but run as smooth as a modern one. It goes 62 miles per hour, has 5,000 feet of track, and eaches a maximum height of 133 feet. Highlights of the attraction include a “Celestial Spin,” where the two racing vehicles will do an inverted crisscross, and an expected easter egg dedicated to “Back to the Future.”

Are you excited to finally ride Starfall Racers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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