REVIEW: Warming Hut at Blizzard Beach Offers Surprisingly Great Poolside Treats

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Three food options available at Warming Hut in Blizzard Beach.

REVIEW: Warming Hut at Blizzard Beach Offers Surprisingly Great Poolside Treats

As the operating season for Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park winds down, we paid a visit to check out some newer items on the menu at Warming Hut, one of the park’s quick service kiosks.

Warming Hut

Exterior picture of the Warming Hut

Warming Hut is located right along Cross Country Creek, the 3,000-foot-long lazy river that encircles the park, and to the left side of Melt-Away Bay.

Warming Hut menu

We tried three new items on the menu. From the mains, we got the Garlic-Parmesan and Honey-Sriracha Wings.

Warming Hut menu, reverse side

From the desserts, we got the Brownie Sundae served with Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur.

Brownie Sundae with Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur – $9.99

Vanilla Soft-serve Ice Cream with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, and a Cherry over a Homemade Brownie

Brownie Sundae with Baileys Irish Cream photo

The Baileys flavor is so strong here, but we didn’t mind. The brownie is very soft and fresh, which surprised us. It was pretty messy due to the amount of Baileys in the cup, alongside the immediately-melting ice cream in the Florida sun, so be sure to grab extra napkins. This is simple but spectacular, and perfect for a hot day. The Baileys is a perfect match for this treat, and we received a very heavy pour of it.

Garlic-Parmesan Chicken Wings – $19.99

(10 pieces) served in a souvenir Pail

Souvenir pail with Minnie Mouse

Before the food review, we have to note the bucket that both wing options come in. We love the look of this. It’s themed to both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, and is similar in design to the refill cup found here.

Reverse angle of souvenir pail with Mickey Mouse

In addition to Mickey and Minnie in their swimsuits, the illustration includes original park characters: Ice Gator, Buttons the snowperson, and the parrot from Miss Adventure Falls, Duncan.

Inside pail full of chicken wings

You get 10 wings in your bucket for $19.99, or six wings without the bucket for $11.99. Ours didn’t look super fresh, but they were moist past the top layer of wings that was kept sitting under the heat lamp. We were surprised to find that despite appearances, these were pretty tasty, tender, and juicy. The sauce is just right, and not overly wet or dry. The seasoning really packs a punch with profound garlic and rich parmesan.

Interior of pail chicken wings

The wings come with celery, and mobile order allows you to select sauces, however ours was meant to come with blue cheese and ranch, but it did not. Though nothing new or exciting, these do the job and are a good value.

Honey-Sriracha Chicken Wings – $19.99

(10 pieces) served in a souvenir Pail

Honey-Sriracha chicken wings

These smell good, and you’re immediately hit with the sriracha. If you’re a fan of spice, these are actually pretty spicy, especially for a Disney counter service item. You get a very subtle sweetness on the front end, but it goes away pretty quickly. They reminded us of the sticky wings from the Polynesian, but with added spice.

Overall, they’re nice, big chicken wings, juicy, and very well-cooked. We would absolutely get these again.

Full pic of chicken wings in pail

To sum up Warming Hut, you won’t find anything super innovative or interesting here, but all of the options are very solid. We think people will enjoy the offerings on a water park day.

Have you tried anything from Warming Hut? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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