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New Mickey & Minnie Summer Merchandise Collection Arrives at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

Dive into the new Mickey and Minnie summer merchandise collection now available at Disneyland Resort. These items match the Minnie ear headband we found previously. We found the collection at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

Disneyland Resort Summer Merchandise

Tank Top – $34.99

summer beach tank top

This tank top is light blue with a dark blue, green, orange, and red all-over pattern.

beach tank top pattern

The pattern features Mickey and Minnie’s faces, palm trees, flowers, and the sun.

Adult Hoodie – $59.99

Adult white Minnie hoodie

This hoodie is made of a white terry cloth material. It’s debossed with Mickey heads, zips up, and has front pockets.

Minnie patch on hoodie

Minnie’s face is on the right breast. She’s pictured wearing yellow sunglasses and a coral pink bow.

Adult Shorts – $39.99

White Minnie shorts

The matching shorts are made out of the same material. They also feature the Mickey head pattern and a patch of Minnie on the left leg.

Minnie patch on shorts

The patch is in the corner near the side of the shorts.

Youth Hoodie – $39.99

Youth Minnie towel hoodie

The youth hoodie is the same design as the adult hoodie, but coral pink instead of white — though it does look orange in this photo.

Youth Shorts – $29.99

youth Minnie towel shorts

The same goes for the youth shorts.

Adult Minnie T-Shirt – $34.99

Adult Minnie Mouse summer tee

This shirt has extra short sleeves. It’s white with the image of a beach on the chest.

Close-up of Minnie beach adult t-shirt

Minnie is pictured sitting on a beach towel between two palm trees. She wears a pink dress and bow. The ocean and blue sky are behind her.

Youth Minnie T-Shirt – $36.99

Youth Minnie Mouse summer tee

The youth T-shirt is a more traditional short-sleeve cut with the same design on the chest.

Adult Mickey Tank – $29.99

Adult tank top featuring Mickey Mouse lounging in a hammock.

This tank top is white with a picture of Mickey across the front. He’s lounging in a striped hammock while wearing sunglasses.

Close-up of tank top graphic.

The yellow sun is above him.

Youth Mickey Tank – $21.99

Youth Mickey Mouse tank top hangs on a clothing rack.

The youth tank features the same Mickey design.

Adult Mickey T-Shirt – $34.99

Adult Mickey Beach T-Shirt hangs on a clothing rack.

A similar Mickey design is on this T-shirt. But here, the hammock is shown to be attached to two palm trees. The beach, ocean, and sky are behind Mickey.

Close-up of art on T-Shirt.

The sun and clouds are in the sky above.

Button-up Shirt – $64.99

Summer Button-Up featuring Minnie and Mickey hangs on a clothing rack.

The yoke of this button-up is light blue. The colors then move in a gradient to pink and yellow, meeting the sun as it appears to set over the dark ocean. At the bottom, Mickey and Minnie are pictured lounging in beach chairs.

Close-up of Mickey and Minnie graphic on the button-up.

Palm trees are to either side of the mouse couple. The buttons are white.

Back of the button-up shirt.

The design continues onto the back of the shirt with more palm trees.

Youth T-Shirt – $26.99

A reporter holds up a Youth T-shirt featuring Mickey and Minnie on the beach.

The same image is on this youth T-shirt.

A reporter's hand holds the youth T-shirt, showing off the back of the design.

The back of the shirt shows the gradient sunset and palm trees.

Long Sleeve Shirt – $39.99

A coral long-sleeve T-shirt featuring Mickey Mouse hangs on a clothing rack.

This pink long-sleeved shirt has a black image of Mickey on the front. He stands with his hands in his pockets and wears sunglasses.

Close-up of the design on the long sleeve shirt

Mickey is wearing shorts, a collared shirt, and loafers.

Slide Sandals – $29.99

A reporter holds up a pair of teal slide sandals featuring Mickey.

These slide sandals are made out of foam. They’re a solid teal green color with Mickey heads on the sides of the straps.

A close-up of the art of Mickey inside the heel of the slides.

Mickey’s face, wearing sunglasses, is on the inside of the heels.

The bottom of the slide sandals.

The bottom of the slides have zig-zag cutouts.

Hair Accessories – $14.99

Minnie summer hair accessories

This set includes a scrunchy and two hair clips. The scrunchy is made of a teal green towel fabric, with a bow and two black ears inspired by Minnie.

Minnie hair clips

One of the hair clips is sparkly blue with humps on one side like the waves of the ocean. It has a palm tree at the end and three Mickey heads.

The other clip is teal with a sparkly translucent sun and Minnie’s face.

Glow-in-the-Dark Loungefly Backpack – $88

A reporter's hand holds up a summer-themed Loungefly backpack.

The front of this Loungefly backpack features patches of Mickey and Minnie in a beach scene. Behind them, the sun sets over the ocean, casting the top half of the bag in an orange color.

Close-up of Mickey patch on Loungefly backpack.

Mickey is standing in front of a palm tree with his hands in his pockets. The zipper for the small front pocket is between him and Minnie.

Close-up of Minnie patch on Loungefly backpack.

Minnie is in a beach chair. A towel, sunhat, iced tea, and sunblock are on the sand. An orange Disney Parks x Loungefly plaque is in the corner.

Side pockets and zipper of backpack.

The slip pockets on the side and the top handle resemble woven straw, like the matching Minnie ear headband.

Back straps of the backpack.

The padded sections of the straps are a sandy white color. The bottom sections are like teal.

Art of Mickey and Minnie on the back of the bag.

Mickey’s and Minnie’s faces are on the back of the bag. Both wear sunglasses.

Patterned lining inside the backpack.

The interior lining is light blue. The pattern features the mice, iced tea, the sun, and other beach icons.

Tote Bag – $24.99

A reporter's hand holds up a blue tote bag.

This tote bag is made of a similar material as the hoodies and shorts. It’s light blue and debossed all over with Mickey heads. It has two handles.

A close-up of the Mickey patch on the bag.

A pleather Mickey patch is on one side of the tote.

A reporter's hand holds the Mickey-shaped float charm attached to the bag.

It includes a Mickey-shaped striped floaty charm.

A view of the back of the bag.

The bag snaps shut and has a solid blue interior.

Sand Toy & Bag – $24.99

A reporter holds out a bag that contains sand toys.

This set is perfect for kids who want to play on the beach. The drawstring bag features the same pattern as the blue tank top at the start of this article. It has mesh sides.

A close-up of the Mickey-shaped pocket that holds a sand toy.

A clear Mickey-shaped pocket on the front of the bag holds a molded plastic sand toy. The toy is also Mickey-shaped, with details like his sunglasses, mouth, and nose.

The back of the bag.

It has adjustable backpack straps.

Inflatable Bag – $19.99

An inflatable bag sits on a merchandise display.

This bag is literally inflatable. It has tube openings on the inside. The outside is blue and teal green with an all-over pattern of white Mickey heads.

A close-up of the Mickey and Minnie charms attached to the bag.

Silicone charms of Mickey, the sun, and Minnie hang from a blue chain on one side.

A side view of the bag.

The short sides of the bag are solid blue.

A back view of the bag.

It has two handles.

An inside view of the bag.

The interior is white with tube openings for inflating.

Picnic Blanket – $44.99

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1197

This picnic blanket folds up and has a handle for easy carrying. When folded, Mickey’s face is on the flap over the rest of the blanket.

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1198

The unfolded blanket is 78 inches by 60 inches, or 198 cm by 152 cm.

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1199

The blanket has diamond-patterned stitching. The background is light blue.

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1201

As shown on the tag, it’s patterned with images of Mickey and Minnie, palm trees, the sun, and tropical flowers.

Plate Set – $34.99

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1177

This set includes four plastic Mickey-shaped plates. Each plate is a solid color: orange, blue, pink, or green.

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1178
dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1179

Wine Stopper – $24.99

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1172

The wine stopper is stainless steel with a blue rubber center. A glass Mickey-shaped bauble is on top.

dlr summer mickey minnie merchandise 1174

The bauble is painted with green and blue stripes.

Some of this summer merchandise has also arrived at Walt Disney World. Will you be taking any of it to the beach this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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