Pizza Planet velcro wallet and Loungefly backpack

New Pizza Planet Loungefly Backpack, Velcro Wallet, and More at Disneyland Resort

Brit Tuttle

More new Pizza Planet merchandise has arrived at Disneyland Resort. We found a retro wallet, Loungefly backpack, tumbler, socks, and a onesie at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

Wallet – $19.99

Pizza Planet velcro wallet

The velcro wallet looks like it’s straight out of 1995, when “Toy Story” was released. It’s white with black edges. A wordmark on the front reads “Pizza Planet delivery shuttle serving your local star cluster.” It’s in red and black.

"Pizza is my world" charm

The wallet includes a black and red charm reading “Pizza is my world” around a literal pizza planet.

Pizza Planet truck on wallet

On the other side of the wallet is the Pizza Planet truck, complete with a rocket on top. Red stars are dotted around the truck.

aliens on wallet

When you unfold the wallet, you’ll see some of the Pizza Planet aliens with the word “chosen.”

card slots in wallet

Inside, the wallet has several card slots, a mesh zip-up coin pouch, and a clear ID slot.

chain on wallet

It includes a chain to attach to your belt or belt loops.

Tumbler – $24.99

Pizza Planet tumbler cup

This tumbler has two layers. The translucent outer layer features the Pizza Planet truck and the “delivery shuttle” ad from the wallet. The interior layer is solid white.

Back of Pizza Planet tumbler cup

Stars are printed all around the cup.

red lid and black straw

The lid is red. It includes a black straw.

Socks Set – $16.99

Pizza Planet adult unisex socks

There are two pairs of adult socks in this set. One is white and the other is black. Both have mostly red designs.

White Pizza Planet sock

The white socks feature the aliens looking up at a slice of pizza in The Claw.

Black Pizza Planet sock

The black socks have an alien piloting a spaceship lifting a slice of pizza. Both pairs also feature Pizza Planet rockets, wordmarks, and food items patterned across them.

Pizza Planet socks

Infant Onesie – $26.99

Pizza Planet onesie

The onesie is white with red around the edges. The Pizza Planet wordmark is in black on the chest. Red planets, including a pizza planet, are around the wordmark.

Back of Pizza Planet onesie

The sleeves and back of the onesie feature a red all-over print. It includes rockets, sodas, burgers, pizzas, and The Claw.

Backpack – $58

Pizza Planet Loungefly backpack

The same pattern is on this backpack. It’s a Loungefly, but not a traditional mini backpack. It’s more like a retro fabric school bag.

Pizza Planet Loungefly patch

A red Disney Parks and Loungefly silicone patch is on the front of the bag. It has a large zip pocket and small zip pocket.

Straps of Pizza Planet backpack

The pattern continues on the back and on the padded sections of the straps. The adjustable sections of the straps are solid red.

Side of Pizza Planet backpack

There are no slip pockets on the sides.

Interior of Pizza Planet backpack

The interior lining is red and white check. It also features various Pizza Planet iconography.

Other new Pizza Planet merchandise in this line includes a tee, drawstring backpack, and pizza cutter.

More Pixar merchandise is coming to Disneyland Resort in the lead up to Pixar Fest this summer.

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