Senator Urges Governor DeSantis to Replace Oversight District Administrator Glen Gilzean

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Linda Stewart, Ron DeSantis, Glen Gilzean

Senator Urges Governor DeSantis to Replace Oversight District Administrator Glen Gilzean

Florida State Senator Linda Stewart is asking Governor Ron DeSantis to replace Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Administrator Glen Gilzean with a local Orange County official.

Sen. Stewart Writes to Gov. DeSantis

Senator Linda Stewart, Governor Ron DeSantis
Sources: Sen. Linda Stewart’s Facebook page / David Degner for The New York Times

Stewart (D, Orlando) wrote a letter to the Governor after DeSantis appointed Gilzean to the position of Supervisor of Elections in Orange County.

Your recent appointment of Glen Gilzean to the position of Orange County Supervisor of Elections has created a vacancy at the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. Over the past few months I have encouraged the appointment of a central Florida elected to one of the positions of the CFTOD board. It is critical that an elected official from Orange County, who understands local government and creating a balanced budget, is appointed to the CFTOD board.

Sen. Linda Stewart

Stewart continues to state, “Unlike other special districts created in the state, the CFTOD board lacks any elected representation of the residents or taxpayers.” She points out that only one member of the District’s Board is from Orange County and also cites “crushed” morale in the District forcing over 40 employees to resign.

Glen Gilzean, Jr.
Source: Jim Carchidi for Orlando Business Journal

Florida Politics asked the District of Gilzean would be stepping down from his job as District Administrator, which pays $400,000 a year. Neither the District nor DeSantis’ office responded to their requests on Tuesday.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the pay for Orange County Elections Supervisor is $205,000.

Gilzean previously faced controversy for holding two positions at once. He resigned from his role as Chairman of the Florida Commission on Ethics last summer after it was found he violated the law by taking on public employment as District Administrator while Chairperson.

Stewart has repeatedly expressed her wish for the CFTOD Board members to be local elected officials. She’s also behind a proposed bill to repeal DeSantis’ takeover of the Reedy Creek Improvement District and restore the previous Board. The bill advanced through an Orange County delegation in January.

It is my belief that by appointing an elected official from Orange County to the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, the board can be more effective in understanding and meeting the local needs of those impacted by its decisions in central Florida.

Sen. Linda Stewart

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