Studio Tour "Glamor Tram" wrap

Universal Studio Tour Gets Retro Glamor Tram Makeover for 60th Anniversary, Some Scenes Closed for Updates

Shannen Ace

The World-Famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary this summer. Universal is wrapping the tour’s trams to look like the Glamor Trams of the 1960s. Some scenes are also currently closed while they receive updates.

Universal Studio Tour Glamor Trams

Universal Studios Tour Glamor Tram wrap

The Universal Studio Tour opened on July 15, 1964, with “Glamor Trams.” The modern-day trams have been redressed with red and white wraps to look like the retro Glamor Trams.

A closer look at the Glamor Tram

They have red and white-striped awnings and “Universal Studios Glamor Tram” on the side.

Universal Studios Glamor Tram

As of this weekend, only two of the trams have been re-dressed. One was in use for the tour and another was being used for training. Our tour guide said all the diesel trams would be wrapped soon — seemingly implying the electric trams introduced a few years ago would not be wrapped.

Set Updates

The Studio Tour is currently skipping the famous Earthquake section while it is refurbished for the 60th anniversary. It’s set to reopen sometime this spring.

Back of War of the Worlds facades

The tour is also taking a detour around the Bates Motel and “War of the Worlds” set. We instead got to see the backs of the “War of the Worlds” house façades.

The back of the "War of the Worlds" set.

Our tour guide said these sets were being remodeled for the anniversary. Guests can still crane their necks to see the Bates Motel.

The back of the "Psycho" house.

We didn’t see any active work in the area during our tour — although it can be hard to tell what’s fake wreckage and what’s potential construction or demolition on the “War of the Worlds” set.

More of the "War of the Worlds" set.

Our tour guide said “Earthquake” would be back soon and that the tour would get limited-time extra enhancements for the spring and summer.

Universal has not yet announced or confirmed any updates. Stay tuned for more information.

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