Woods in Monsters store

PHOTOS: Universal Monsters ‘Tribute Store’ Takes Over Production Central at Universal CityWalk Hollywood

Shannen Ace

The Universal Monsters have taken over Production Central at Universal CityWalk Hollywood in the West Coast version of a “Tribute Store.”

Universal Monsters Tribute Store

Production Central with Universal Monsters Tribute Store overlay

Production Central has previously acted as a Tribute Store for Halloween Horror Nights. It’s not as highly themed as the Universal Studios Florida Tribute Stores but still features cool set pieces and props.

The archway around the store’s entrance is green and rippled like dark ocean waves.

Universal Monsters Production Central marquee

The marquee behind the Production Central sign features an image of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and the Wolfman.

Mummy area of Universal Monsters store

Immediately upon entering, guests will encounter a sarcophagus to the left. This corner has sandstone walls resembling an Egyptian tomb with wooden crates as the cash wrap. It’s reminiscent of the Mummy.

Woods in Monsters store

To the right are gray, leafless trees. One is almost life-size and another sits on top of a merchandise display. Printed silhouettes of dead trees are on the walls.

Tree, rock, outdoors props

The tree on the merchandise display appears to be growing over moss, rocks, and a box. There is also a rope and a vintage flashlight.

Universal Monsters Tribute Store interior

The woods seemingly represent the Wolfman and the Creature. All of the merchandise features Universal Monsters, too. We’ve previously reported on this Universal Monsters merchandise.

Frankenstein's lab tech

The next corner is clearly inspired by Frankenstein’s lab. It has stone walls with various baubles, skulls, and vintage technology — like this Zenith radio.

A wall display covered in mysterious equipment and other ephemera.

Shelves on the walls are covered in mysterious equipment and bottles. Chains hang between the shelves.

Dracula corner of Monsters store

The last section also features stone walls, but more Gothic architecture in the form of archways around displays and doors. There is a circular black iron chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Red candles are mounted on the walls.

Dracula props

This space is inspired by Dracula. Atop one set of shelves are black and red books, dying flowers, and more skulls.

Red candles on display in the Dracula section.

We recently shared the first speculation map for Halloween Horror Nights 2024 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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