REVIEW: All Walt Disney World Earth Month 2024 Food & Drinks

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Earth month food and beverage offerings

REVIEW: All Walt Disney World Earth Month 2024 Food & Drinks

Earth Month has arrived, and in celebration, Walt Disney World is offering limited-time food and beverage options at Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Disney Springs. We tried (and reviewed) all of the items to give you an idea of what to get on your next trip.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Honeycomb Mousse – $6.79 (Creature Comforts)

Honey mousse on top of a brownie base with sugar bees and white chocolate honeycomb  

wdw dak honeycomb mousse

Rank out of 7: 5

The cake base of this treat is delicious and has a brownie-like density. The mousse is delicate and tasty, as are the candy bees, crunchy pearls, and honeycomb. The honey flavor is a little faint, but between the taste and presentation, we enjoyed it quite a bit.

Elephant Cupcake – $6.29 (Pizzafari, Restaurantosaurus)

An edible white chocolate elephant atop a graham cracker cupcake with pineapple filling and a jungle of matcha buttercream and crispy pearls 

wdw dak elephant cupcake

Rank out of 7: 2

Unfortunately, with this cupcake, pineapple and matcha flavors are battling against each other, and you are the loser. This dish is among the prettiest cupcakes we have seen, but we did not enjoy the taste. There is too much matcha frosting, and it’s not a particularly good iteration, even for the matcha lovers in our group. The pineapple flavors are decent, but, again, too strong. Despite the advertised graham cracker flavors, we didn’t detect it. As for the white chocolate elephant, it’s beautiful and tastes fine. The beauty of the cupcake saves it from getting a lower rating.

The Pachyderm and the Pollinator – $15.50 (Nomad Lounge & Tiffins)

Hendricks Gins, purple honey simple syrup, lemon juice, soda water, lavender bitters

wdw dak the pachyderm and the pollinator

Rank out of 7: 4

Based on reading the description, this drink sounded amazing and the presentation is adorable, with candy bees. However, we feel it needs a little bit more simple syrup to add some sweetness. Still, it’s refreshing and photogenic, with a solid recipe that would be improved by just a hint more sweetness. Note: This option was part of the Earth Month celebration last year as the Elephant and the Bee.

Zucchini Carpaccio – $13 (Tiffins)

The Land” zucchini, marinated tomatoes, candied pistachios, castelvetrano olives, golden raisins, plant-based feta, pomegranate molasses, and crispy sweet potato (Plant-based) (New)

wdw dak zucchini carpaccio

Rank out of 7: 7

This appetizer is excellent. Each individual ingredient has a clean, high-quality, accurate flavor, while all melding harmoniously together. You have crisp, fresh flavor from the zucchini and pickled onion, a nice meaty richness from the pistachio, a creamy tang from the plant-based feta, a salty zing from the tomatoes and olives, and a crispy sweetness from the sweet potato drizzle on top. While everything is very light, it’s actually quite substantial. The only downside is that you can only get this by dining in at Tiffins, and some people may be hesitant to book a reservation at a higher-end restaurant in a theme park.

Wazi Wave – $14 (Dawa Bar)

Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Bols Blue Curaçao Liqueur, sour mix, and pineapple juice garnished with a pineapple wedge (New)  

wdw dak wazi wave

Rank out of 7: 6

When it comes to drinks that feature coconut and pineapple, the line is pretty thin between “too much” and “oh no”. This drink straddles the line perfectly for an amazing, if basic, rum drink. We were delighted by the balance of flavors and the restraint that helps provide a delayed, smooth finish. While it may be too sweet for some, we feel it is tame enough for most palates. It’s a little sticky, but nothing to get too bothered about. Our iteration wasn’t served with the pineapple wedge garnish, but we didn’t mind.

Roasted Mushroom and Leek Pizza – $8.29 (Terra Treats)

IMPOSSIBLE meatballs, roasted mushrooms, braised leeks, and a dash of truffle oil (Plant-based) 

wdw dak roasted mushroom and peek pizza

Rank out of 7: 4

The pizza doesn’t look particularly appetizing when they give it to you, and there’s no discernible sauce. The flavors of this plant-based offering are earthy and savory, and it overall seems a bit on the dry side, though there was a layer of grease on the bottom. We feel it’s a reasonable option at a slightly-higher price point than other pizza from the same booth, but didn’t seem superior. Perhaps a vegan tax? Note: Terra Treats is only open from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Disney Springs

The Plant in The Boot Petit Cake – $22 (Amorette’s Patisserie)

Layers of carrot cake, cream cheese mousse, and pineapple jam (New) 

wdw ds the plant in the boot petit cakeIMG 0140
wdw ds the plant in the boot petit cakeIMG 0143

Rank out of 7: 5

There’s a lot of fondant to navigate around, but the visuals on this cake are important as a highly-photogenic offering. The carrot cake flavor is full of spices, and the cake is very moist. We do not detect a strong flavor of pineapple at all. The boot itself was softer than a Tootsie Roll with a similar flavor profile. At $22, it is priced pretty aggressively, but at the end of the day, we felt it was one of the better Earth Month offerings.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Raindrop Tart – $6.49 (The Mara)

Chocolate cake, pistachio crumb, passion fruit gel, vanilla cheesecake, and white chocolate mousse

wdw dak raindrop tart

Rank out of 7: 5

The cheesecake mousse was nice and creamy. The passion fruit gel on top added just the right amount of flavor. The chocolate and pistachio were weak and didn’t bring much to the dish. The crust was nice and crispy, a good texture balance for the cheesecake.

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