Boards Installed on The Cake Bake Shop Exterior at Disney’s BoardWalk

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Square entrance structure for future Cake Bake bakery

Boards Installed on The Cake Bake Shop Exterior at Disney’s BoardWalk

New wall material, likely cement board, now covers most of the exterior of The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers, which is under construction at Disney’s BoardWalk.

The Cake Bake Shop Construction

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The gray panels cover most of the blue-purple weather-resistant sheathing.

Square entrance structure for future Cake Bake bakery

The Cake Bake Shop will have two entrances — one for the table-service restaurant and one for the bakery. A white frame is visible around a window on the front of the bakery. Above the entrance is a rectangle of wood where signage will eventually be.

Wooden rectangle for future signage surrounded by gray drywall with holes for lighting fixtures

There are small holes above the wood and above the two windows. Some wiring also hangs from the corners. These are presumably for lights and/or awnings that will be installed later.

Cake Bake Shop tower beyond square entrance structure

The paneling continues around the tower above the table service side. The columns of the tower, however, aren’t yet covered. Cement boards are also on the walls of the first floor.

Ladders on other side of construction walls. Dormer roof on tower of Cake Bake Shop.

The slanted rooftops feature white sheathing and wood paneling.

Crew member in front of square entrance archway covered in gray paneling.

A crew member was on a lift in front of the table service entrance. The arched entryway has also been covered in boards, except for the metal frame where a sign will eventually be placed.

Metal framework for future sign with wiring for lighting.

More wiring runs through this frame for lighting.

Gray square archway around metal framework

There are also holes along the top.

Dormers covered in purple sheathing and gray drywall with white window frames

Boards are on the walls of the dormers.

Side of The Cake Bake Shop behind construction walls and fence.

We also saw a crew member working in front of a window on this side of the building. The window frames are white, and the walls will eventually be painted white, too.

The Cake Bake Shop construction walls

Compare these construction photos to the concept art below.

Cake Bake Shop concept art

After searching for culinary leaders in late 2023, The Cake Bake Shop began hiring for various positions in March. The restaurant is scheduled to open this year.

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