Bantha Burger, Watermelon Slush with Death Star Glow Cube, Chorizo Loaded Fries, Wookiee Parfait, and Granny Smith Apple Slush with Millennium Falcon Glow Cube.

Galactic Grill Celebrates ‘Star Wars’ Season of the Force With New and Returning Dishes at Disneyland

Katie Francis

Season of the Force, a celebration of all things “Star Wars,” is underway at Disneyland from April 5 through June 2, 2024.

Season of the Force at Galactic Grill

A collection of Galactic Grill dishes for Season of the Force arranged on a table.

Most of the specialty items are in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but Galactic Grill also has some new and returning items for the occasion.

Galactic Grill is located in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park, across the path from Star Wars Launch Bay and Autopia, and to the right of Little Green Men Store Command.

Bantha Burger – $15.99

Angus Beef & Vegetable Patty, Marinated Pork Belly, American Cheese, Asian-inspired Slaw, and Sambal Sweet Mayo on a Toasted Brioche Bun, served with a choice of Cuties Mandarin Oranges or French Fries

A reporter's hand holding a brown cardboard tray featuring fries and the Bantha Burger.

This burger was what we would consider pretty okay overall. However, it surprised us with its level of aggressive spice.

A look at the slaw topping on the Bantha Burger.

We could somewhat get the flavor of the pork belly, but we could mostly taste the intense heat and spice of the slaw.

Rank out of 7: 3

Ferrixian Fries – $13.49

Waffle Fries, Pork Chorizo, Chile de Arbol Cheese Sauce, and Black Beans topped with Avocado Tomatillo Sauce, Green Onions, and Oaxaca Cheese

A reporter's hand holding a bowl of Ferrixian Fries.

We love the name of this dish, but that might be the only interesting thing about it, as it’s just your slightly above-average spicy cheese fries. We appreciate that Disney went with a waffle fry instead of standard fries, as they stand up to the toppings much better.

The Ferrixian Fries come with a generous portion of chorizo and black beans, topped with sauces. The Chile de Arbol cheese sauce offers some heat, so the average cheese fry fan will want to anticipate this; for locals, though, this is likely on point for the ideal spice level. The Avocado Tomatillo sauce adds some acidity, but doesn’t do much to cool the dish down.

We think this is a fine choice if you’re in the mood for spicy cheese fries, but it’s nothing memorable.

Rank out of 7: 3

Wookie Parfait – $7.49

Chocolate Sponge Cake, Chocolate Pudding and Caramel Mousse on a Chocolate-Coffee Crust with Chocolate Pearls

A reporter's hand holding the Wookie Parfait with the lid off.

Keeping on trend with the rest of the dishes at Galactic Grill, this Wookie Parfait is nothing special.

A look at the layers of the Wookie Parfait.

It offers a hint of coffee flavor and is quite tasty, but we found it to taste almost exactly the same as all other parfaits offered at Galactic Grill. If that’s not a deal-breaker for you, it’s likely worth a try.

Rank out of 7: 5

Watermelon Slush with Death Star Glow Cube – $12.19

A pink slushy with a Death Star glow cube sits on a planter wall.

We found the watermelon slush to be quite refreshing, though it is nothing to write home about. To us, it’s just the same slushy you can get anywhere.

A reporter's fingers hold a Death Star glow cube.

Another potential downside is that you cannot order the slush without getting the Death Star glow cube — meaning you’ll have to pay around $13 for just one slushy.

A reporter demonstrates the colors of the Death Star glow cube.

The glow cube does light up in various colors, though.

Rank out of 7: 2

Granny Smith Apple Slush with Millennium Falcon Glow Cube – $12.19

A bright green slushy with a Millennium Falcon glow cube sits on a planter wall.

The Granny Smith Apply slush is quite sour, but still good. Again, this is your average theme park slush with a hefty price tag, thanks to the mandatory glow cube.

A reporter's hand holds the light-up Millennium Falcon glow cube.

This drink includes a Millennium Falcon glow cube.

Rank out of 7: 2

In addition to new food and beverages — including drinks from Star Wars: Galactic StarcruiserSeason of the Force also brings with it new merchandise celebrating Star Tours and more, as well as new sequences on Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.

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