Silver Sea Martini, Fiery Mustafarian, and Oga's Obsession

Galactic Starcruiser Drinks Come to Oga’s Cantina for Season of the Force 2024

Katie Francis

For the Season of the Force “Star Wars” celebration at Disneyland Resort, Oga’s Cantina has revived Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser drinks and souvenir glasses. They also brought back an updated version of an old non-alcoholic offering.

Silver Sea Martini, Fiery Mustafarian, and Oga's Obsession

Oga’s Cantina is a “Star Wars”-inspired bar located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park. Reservations are recommended.

Oga’s Obsession – $8

Minute Maid Lemonade, Wild Strawberry Flavor, Yogurt-filled Boba, Strawberry, and Grape Candy Pebbles, with a bursting Dried Fruit Mixture

DLR DL Star Wars Galaxys Edge Ogas Cantina Ogas Obsession Season of the Force 1

This is an updated version of a non-alcoholic drink. The original Oga’s Obsession was cotton candy-flavored with blueberry popping pearls.

The new version is very strawberry-forward. The boba and gelatin taste like strawberry lemonade. The “candy pebbles” are Nerds candy that, combined with the dried strawberries, give it a good texture and bring us back to elementary school.

DLR DL Star Wars Galaxys Edge Ogas Cantina Ogas Obsession Season of the Force 3

The drink is on-theme for Oga’s Cantina. It won’t fill you up, but it’s a fun option that kids will enjoy.

Rating out of 7: 5

Silver Sea Martini in Chandrilan Chalice – $30

Hendrick’s Gin, Minute Maid Lemonade, Ginger Syrup, Honey, and Mint Syrup, topped with a Shimmery Butterfly Pea Flower Tea served in a Souvenir Wine Glass. Limit two (2) per person, per transaction.

Silver Sea Martini in Chandrilan Chalice at Oga's Cantina

This is a gin-based drink that doesn’t taste like gin. It’s lighter than the Fiery Mustafarian (below) and has a pretty color. It mostly tastes like lemonade with a hint of mint and fruit from the pea flower.

Silver Sea Martini in Chandrilan Chalice

It’s a much bigger portion in the souvenir glass, which is beautiful. But it is available without the souvenir glass for $19.

Chandrilan Chalice gold base

The Silver Sea Martini first debuted at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser in Florida. It was available at Sublight Lounge and dinner. The souvenir glasses are Chandrilan, given their Starcruiser origin.

CSL logo on chalice base

They feature the logo of the Chandrila Star Line, the cruise company that operated the Halcyon. A version of these glasses is also available at the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish, albeit without the CSL branding.

Chandrilan chalice

Rating out of 7: 6

Fiery Mustafarian in Chandrilan Orb Glass – $35

El Mayor Anejo Tequila, Aperitivo Aperol, Peach Purée, Peach Syrup, and Lime Juice, served with a dropper of Spicy Lava Syrup. Limit two (2) per person, per transaction.

Fiery Mustafarian in Chandrilan Orb Glass with spicy lava syrup

This is excellent. It tastes like a slightly smokey margarita with some peach fruit notes from the purée. Thanks in part to the souvenir glass, the portion is huge compared to Oga’s usual drinks.

The small container has the Spicy Lava Syrup to use as you wish. It’s a blend of jalapeño, serrano, and ghost peppers that Cast Members make each evening, and then steep in a jalapeño simple syrup overnight.

Fiery Mustafarian in Chandrilan Orb Glass

We added a bit of the sauce to the drink, and it was perfect. If you don’t like mezcal-type drinks, you’ll probably want to skip this, but the smokiness is not overpowering. This is a well-made drink.

Fiery Mustafarian in Oga's Cantina

Like the Silver Sea Martini, the Fiery Mustafarian can be purchased without the souvenir orb glass for $19. This drink also first debuted on the Galactic Starcruiser. It was available at the Sublight Lounge.

Fiery Mustafarian Orb Glass

It’s named after the lava-covered planet of Mustafar, most iconically known as the location of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s showdown in “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” which was also its first appearance.

Fiery Mustafarian base

Mustafar would later appear in “Rogue One” as home to Fortress Vader, a model of which can be purchased from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

Fiery Mustafarian Orb Glass

The round glass has a dark bottom and comes with a square bronze base.

A hand holding a metallic maroon tube, with greenery, tables, and chairs in the background.

We also got this vial with our drink, which says “YPS Venom Handle with Care” in Aurebesh. This is the same vial used for the Yerdua Poison Spitter drink “antidote” that was offered at the Sublight Lounge aboard the Galactic Starcruiser.

Rating out of 7: 7

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