More Jungle Cruise Dock Flooring Replaced at Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace

Jungle Cruise queue floor

More Jungle Cruise Dock Flooring Replaced at Magic Kingdom

Although we previously reported that the Jungle Cruise dock refurbishment seemed complete, construction walls are back in the queue of the Magic Kingdom attraction as more boards are replaced.

Jungle Cruise Refurbishment

New construction half-walls up in the queue of Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom.

Black scrim is behind the walls but we can easily see over and into the construction sites.

A look at the old wooden boards behind the construction walls.

The old wooden boards of the queue and dock are being replaced with new composite boards. In the above image, two new darker planks of composite material cut into the older planks.

The shipping office set piece in the queue of Jungle Cruise.

The construction walls are near the shipping office set piece, set up against this green structure.

Another look at the flooring behind the construction walls.

The poles sticking out of the ground are where the posts of the queue were. Guests waiting for the ride are routed around the construction walls.

New flooring elsewhere in the queue.

This section of the queue around the shipping office has fresh new composite flooring. One post had yet to be returned to its home, leaving an exposed short metal pole sticking out of the ground. This area of the queue wasn’t being used at the time.

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