Tokyo Disney Resort Announces ‘Get Soaked’ Summer Event with Baymax Parade, Splash Mountain Overlay, & More

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Tokyo Disney Resort Get Soaked Summer Program

Tokyo Disney Resort Announces ‘Get Soaked’ Summer Event with Baymax Parade, Splash Mountain Overlay, & More

Tokyo Disney Resort is kicking off the summer season with several changes as part of their “Get Soaked” program.

‘Get Soaked’ Summer Event

Tokyo Disney Resort "Get Soaked" summer program promotional image

The “Get Soaked” program will run from July 2 through September 18 at Tokyo Disney Resort, with attractions, a parade, merchandise, and special menu items, all to stay cool during the summer months. This overlays come in addition to the Country Bear Vacation Jamboree returning to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time in five years.

Splash Mountain “Get Soaked MAX”

Splash Mountain “Get Soaked MAX”

At Tokyo Disneyland, Splash Mountain will get a “Get Soaked MAX” overlay. The returning overlay will amp up the water being sprayed on guests, giving the drop an even bigger splash.

Baymax’s Mission: Cool Down

Baymax's Mission Cool Down cavalcade

Also returning is Baymax’s Mission: Cool Down, a two-float cavalcade featuring Baymax of “Big Hero 6” cooling down guests with a spray mist. His float will stop as music plays and guests can cool down with spritzes of water.

Added this year are trailers equipped with water, to increase the amount of water sprayed during the cavalcade. It will go down the usual parade route with a performance lasting 35 minutes and run thrice daily.

“Get Soaked” Toontown

Over at Toontown, there will be spots at the Trolley Barn at Jolly Trolley, and Toontown Fire Department and Fireworks Factory where water mists and sprays will be added to help guests stay cool.

Aquatopia “Get Soaked” Version

Aquatopia "Get Soaked" Version

At Tokyo DisneySea, Aquatopia will get the returning special “Get Soaked” version that’ll feature a fun “get soaked” experience.

“Get Soaked” Time

"Get Soaked" Time

Launched last year, “Get Soaked” Time will be available at both Tokyo parks. The summer experience sees Cast Members walking around with barrels of water to mist guests passing by.

Summer-Themed Merchandise

Summer-Themed Merchandise

Both parks will see the addition of summery merchandise, which includes (from left) a Hawaiian shirt for ¥4900, a T-shirt with Mickey Mouse design for ¥2300 – ¥2900, and a T-shirt with Tokyo Disney Resort logo for ¥2900.

 SuiSui Summer line

The SuiSui Summer line will be available starting June 13. It features (from left) a T-shirt for ¥2400 – ¥3000 and a Hawaiian shirt for ¥3400 – ¥3700.

SuiSui Summer day pass

The Disney Resort Line will also have day passes with a SuiSui Summer design featuring Chip and Dale.

Summer-Themed Menu Items

Shaved Ice – ¥800

Shaved Ice

At Plaza Pavilion Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland, guests can get two different flavors of shaved ice: mango & wasanbon and berry & milk.

Chilled Churro – ¥600

Chilled Churro

At Bayside Takeout in Tokyo DisneySea, there will be a Crème Brûlée chilled churro option making its debut. The chilled churro will be crispy on the outside and chewy at the center.

Chicken & Vegetable Chilled Noodles (with Salty Lemon) – ¥1500

Set comes with French fries and a soft drink

Chicken & Vegetable Chilled Noodles

At Dockside Diner, guests can find a chicken and vegetable chilled noodle meal.

SuiSui Summer meal

From July 1 through August 31, the Disney Ambassador Hotel will over SuiSui Summer-themed refreshing dishes, including this SuiSui Summer cake set for ¥2500.

What do you think of the “Get Soaked” concept coming to Tokyo Disney Resort? Let us know in the comments below.

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