New Canada Pavilion Merchandise Featuring Chip Lug Bag, Spirit Jersey, and More

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New Canada Pavilion Merchandise Featuring Chip Lug Bag, Spirit Jersey, and More

Fans of the Canada Pavilion have a new selection of items to choose from at EPCOT, including a new Lug bag featuring Chip.

Canada Pavilion Merchandise Collection

Canada Pavilion merchandise

Found inside Northwest Mercantile, the new collection is a mix of buffalo plaid, maple leaves, and all things hockey.

Chip Lug Bag – $60

Canada Pavilion Chip lug bag

First up is the Chip Lug bag first teased at a showcase at Destination D23 in September 2023. The bag has a buffalo plaid print with a Mickey Head and a maple leaf in the negative space. Chip’s face takes up the entirety of the front zip pocket.

Canada Pavilion Chip lug bag back

Chip’s tail is on the back. The loops at the top are there to turn the crossbody design into a belt bag.

Canada Pavilion Chip lug bag interior

The interior has a Canadian print. The adjustable strap, as well as the top handle, are solid red.

Canada Lug Backpack – $90

Canada Pavilion lug backpack

The Lug backpack continues the same buffalo plaid print as the Chip bag on the front, with an embroidered Canada patch overtop. As part of the patch, there is a hockey puck with a small Mickey Head. There is a small Disney Parks x Lug plaque at the bottom right.

Canada Pavilion lug backpack close up

The front of the bag has two zip pockets and a charm bar.

Canada Pavilion lug backpack side

The sides each have a magnetic close pocket.

Canada Pavilion lug backpack side

On the right side, in addition to the magnetic pocket, there is a second thinner soft-lined pocket.

Canada Pavilion lug backpack back

The back has a zip pocket, a padded mesh covering, and adjustable, padded straps that are non-slip.

Canada Pavilion lug backpack interior

The main compartment has a clear zip pocket, two cargo pockets, and two slots.

Canada Pavilion lug backpack bottom

The bottom of the backpack is made of a wipe-clean material.

Canada Bottle Stopper – $12.99

Canada Bottle Stopper

The bottle stopper is shaped like a Mickey Head, with the “face” area featuring a maple leaf with “Canada” written across it and a small Mickey Head above that. In a small font, it reads “EPCOT World Showcase.”

Canada Tumbler – $27.99

Canada Tumbler

The tumbler in the new collection is silver with a red and black print on the front. There is a buffalo plaid-printed maple leaf with a Mickey Head cut out of the center. Under the leaf, it reads “Canada EPCOT World Showcase.”

Canada Tumbler top

The top is a slider lid made of clear plastic.

‘Have an Ice Day’ Tank Top – $34.99

Canada Tank Top

The cream-colored tank top has a v-neck design. The front says “Have An Ice Day,” with a buffalo plaid maple leaf beneath it. A Mickey Head is cut out of the center of the leaf.

Canada Tank Top back

The back has a simple “Canada EPCOT World Showcase” written at the top.

‘I Love Hockey’ T-Shirt – $34.99

I Love Hockey T-Shirt

This gray T-shirt has a slightly cropped and boxy fit, with “I Love Hockey” written on the front. The “O” in “Love” is a Mickey Head printed with the Canadian flag. Under that, it reads “Canada EPCOT World Showcase.”

‘I’d Rather Be Playing Hockey’ T-Shirt – $34.99

I'd Rather Be Playing Hockey T-Shirt

The double ringer tee in the collection is grey with red and white accents. The front is printed with “I’d Rather Be Playing Hockey.”

I'd Rather Be Playing Hockey T-Shirt back

On the back, it says “Canada EPCOT World Showcase.”

‘There’s Always Time For Hockey’ Hoodie – $59.99

There's Always Time For Hockey Hoodie

Continuing the apparel for hockey fans, this gray pullover hoodie says “There’s Always Time For Hockey.” It has a lace top that replicates the look of some hockey jerseys. It also has a front pocket.

There's Always Time For Hockey Hoodie  back

The back repeats the word “Hockey,” with “Canada EPCOT World Showcase” printed under that.

Canada Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Canada Spirit Jersey

A new Canada Spirit Jersey has a mineral wash effect on the fabric. It has a lace-up front with a Mickey Head Canadian flag on the left side.

Canada Spirit Jersey back

The back of the jersey is printed with a puff paint that says “Canada EPCOT World Showcase.” The design features a maple leaf and a hockey puck with a Mickey Head on it.

I Love Hockey Pint Glass – $16.99

A hand holding a clear glass with "I love hockey Canada" printed on it, displayed in front of a wooden shelf at the Canada Pavilion with similar items.

We also spotted this pint glass, which reads, “I Love Hockey,” “Canada,” and “EPCOT World Showcase.” The “O” in “Love” is a Mickey head decorated with maple leaves in the shades of the Canadian flag.

Close-up of a transparent beer glass with a "i love hockey" logo and a Mickey Mouse design, displayed on a wooden table at the Canada Pavilion with other glassware in the background.

A rubber puck is embedded in the mug for a unique decorative twist.

Canada Mug with Hockey Stick Spoon – $19.99

A hand holding a red souvenir mug with a white silhouette of Mickey Mouse and a maple leaf, labeled "Epcot World Showcase."

A new Canada mug is also available. Featuring a red plaid pattern, one side features a Mickey head decorated like the Canadian flag. “EPCOT World Showcase” is printed below it.

A hand holding a red souvenir mug with a large black letter “C” and the word "Canada" on it, in the Canada Pavilion with various trinkets in the background.

The back of the mug has “C”, “Canada,” and a maple leaf behind it.

Hockey stick spoon with a red, white, and blue design on a Disney-branded backing card displayed inside a mug at the Canada Pavilion.

The mug also includes a spoon shaped like a hockey stick.

Which of these new Canada Pavilion items is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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