New ‘Finding Nemo’ Bubble Decorations Added to Seas Pavilion Gift Shop

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Crush, Squirt, and Nemo in bubbles

New ‘Finding Nemo’ Bubble Decorations Added to Seas Pavilion Gift Shop

The Sea Base Alpha gift shop in EPCOT has new “Finding Nemo” decorations. The series’ characters are now pictured on the walls behind 3-D bubbles, so they look like they’re swimming through one of the pavilion’s aquariums.

New “Finding Nemo” Decorations

A view of the new character art added in the Sea Base Alpha gift shop.

Crush, Squirt, and Nemo are in three bubble windows above this merchandise display. Dark blue rings surround the plastic bubbles. Behind them are colorful wavy lines reminiscent of the EAC (East Australian Current).

A close-up of the character art.

Previously, the dark blue walls of the Sea Base Alpha gift shop were decorated with canvas portraits of “Finding Nemo” characters. The current waves, bubbles, and character images are all new.

A close-up of the character flat of Crush.

The characters are small flats on top of underwater photos, inspired by an effect on the pavilion’s ride. At the end of The Seas With Nemo & Friends, guests see animated “Finding Nemo” characters projected on windows looking into the Sea Base Alpha tanks with live sea creatures.

A close-up of the Squirt character flat.

The wavy lines behind the bubble windows are blue, teal green, and pink — a somewhat retro color scheme.

A close-up of the Nemo character flat.

Last year, the pavilion’s façade was repainted, its seagull figures were refurbished, and its lighting was updated. An underwater effect was also restored to a Sea Base Alpha “skylight.”

Another close-up of the Nemo character flat.

Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” was released in 2003, followed by “Finding Dory” in 2016. Andrew Stanton directed both and they star Albert Brooks as Marlin and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory. Alexander Gould voiced Nemo in the first film and Hayden Rolence took over the role in the sequel.

Other character flats in the gift shop.

Dory and Bruce the shark are in bubble windows behind the shop’s cash wrap.

A closer look at the Dory and Bruce character flats.

Bruce, voiced by Barry Humphries, was named after the animatronic shark from “Jaws.”

A source image showing the canvases that were on display previously.
Source: Disney

In Disney’s photo above, you can see one of the canvases that were previously displayed where the new bubble decorations are located.

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