New Norway Pavilion Lug Bags and Other Merchandise at EPCOT

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Norway Pavilion mug and Lug bags

New Norway Pavilion Lug Bags and Other Merchandise at EPCOT

The Norway Pavilion of EPCOT has new merchandise matching an old collection, including two Lug bags.

New Norway Pavilion Merchandise

Norway Pavilion merchandise in The Fjording

The merchandise is available in The Fjording.

Norway Lug Belt Bag – $60

Mickey embroidery on Norway Lug belt bag

The merchandise has a dark blue color scheme with floral orange embroidery. The Lug belt bag has this embroidery against a quilted stitching pattern. An orange Mickey head is in the center of the design.

Back of belt bag

The back of the bag has two straps for a belt to go through.

Disney Parks Lug plaque on bag

There’s a metal Disney Parks and Lug plaque.

Strap inside Norway Lug belt bag

It includes an adjustable strap to turn it into a crossbody or to wear as a belt bag. It has two zip pockets, both with orange interior lining featuring a pattern matching the embroidery.

Norway Lug Backpack – $90

Norway Lug backpack

Similar embroidery is on the front of the Lug backpack, between two zipper pockets.

Norway embroidery on blue Lug backpack

“Norway” is in orange lettering and “EPCOT World Showcase” is in white.

Side of blue Lug backpack

There are side pockets and a large main pocket.

Black back of backpack

The back is made of black mesh padding.

Norway Lug backpack interior

The interior lining is the same as the belt bag, with an extra zip pocket inside.

Felt Ornament Set – $29.99

Norway felt ornament set

This set includes four felt ornaments.

Norway felt ornaments

The first ornament is a double-layered orange flower. The center is blue with an orange Mickey head on top. The Mickey head features gold and blue embroidery.

Orange flower felt ornament
Blue snowflake Norway felt ornament

Another ornament is a solid blue snowflake with “Norway” embroidered in orange. The Disney copyright symbol is printed in white.

Orange Mickey felt ornament

An orange Mickey-shaped ornament features orange, white, gold, and blue embroidery.

Mickey heart felt ornament

A blue heart-shaped ornament has an orange and yellow layered Mickey head in the center. An orange circle in the middle features similar embroidery to the other ornaments.

Mug – $16.99

Norway mug featuring green and orange Mickey design

This mug is white with an orange, yellow, and green design on one side. The design is similar to the embroidery on other products. “Norway” is at the bottom.

Mug interior

The rim is black but the inside of the mug is white.

"EPCOT World Showcase" on mug

A small floral design is opposite the large one with “EPCOT World Showcase” in orange lettering. This is microwave-safe but hand wash only.

Hoodie – $59.99

Norway blue hoodie

The hoodie is navy blue with a zipper and two front pockets. A Nordic Mickey head is on the left breast with “EPCOT World Showcase” and “Norway.”

Back of Norway hoodie

A large embroidered design is on the back. It has orange flowers and green leaves. A Mickey head is at the center.

Youth Shirt – $21.99

Red Norway youth shirt with Mickey design

The youth shirt has a similar design on the chest, with “Norway” in orange lettering beneath. “EPCOT World Showcase” is printed in black at the bottom.

Mickey head on Norway red shirt

The shirt is red with short sleeves.

Reversible Bucket Hat – $34.99

Orange and green all-over pattern

This bucket hat is navy blue. One side is patterned all over with orange and green flowers and white filigree.

"Norway" on blue bucket hat

The other side is printed with “Norway” and “EPCOT World Showcase.”

Embroidered Mickey head on blue bucket hat

There’s one embroidered Mickey head on this side.

Adult Women’s Shirt – $39.99

White shirt with "Norway" printed in decorative script and an orange motif, displayed on a hanger in a store.

We also spotted this adult women’s cut shirt with gathered and ruffled sleeves. The Norway floral graphic seen on other merchandise in this collection is present on the front.

Pillow – $39.99

A decorative throw pillow with a colorful floral pattern and the word "Norway" embroidered on it is being held in front of a shelf laden with glassware and other souvenirs. It's the perfect lug to remind you of your Norwegian adventures.

The pillow is dark blue with a printed floral design. It has orange tassels in the corners.

A decorative pillow with "Norway" and "Epcot World Showcase" stitched on it, featuring a floral pattern in the center. Perfect for adding a touch of Scandinavian charm to your home decor or as a unique travel lug keepsake.

“Norway” is in fluffy orange lettering along the bottom.

Glazed Plate – $19.99

A hand holds a decorative plate with a floral and bird design, featuring the text "Norway" and "Epcot World Showcase" against a dark background. Shelves laden with similar plates and items are in the background, evoking memories of lugging treasures home from travels.

The plate is circular with the same floral design in the dark blue center. It has a brim with a wood finish.

Mug & Spoon Set – $19.99

A person holds a dark blue mug with an intricate orange floral design they found in Norway. Inside the mug is a matching spoon with a cutout floral design on the handle.

This mug is dark blue with a white interior.

Close-up of a decorative bowl with floral patterns and the words "NORWAY EPCOT WORLD SHOWCASE" printed on the inside. Other similarly decorated items appear blurred in the background, revealing a glimpse of traditional Norwegian craftsmanship that you'll want to lug home.

The Nordic Mickey head is inside.

A decorative blue spoon with a floral design and Disney branding is displayed on a card. The spoon is standing in a floral-printed cup, evoking the charm of Norway, with similar themed items in the background.

The same design is on the included blue spoon.

A hand holds a blue ceramic mug with an intricate pattern of red and orange flowers and green decorative elements, perfect for savoring a warm drink in chilly Norway.

The outside of the mug is patterned all over with the green and orange floral pattern of the collection.

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