Disneyland Resort apparel and bottle

New Retro Colorful Disneyland Resort Apparel & Tumblers

Shannen Ace

A new collection of retro tie-dye and brightly colored Disneyland Resort apparel and tumblers has arrived at the parks.

We found the items in this collection at The Star Trader in Disneyland and Elias and Co. in Disney California Adventure.

Disneyland Resort Sweatshirt – $54.99

A retro rainbow pullover Disneyland sweatshirt hangs on a clothing rack.

This sweatshirt is white. “Disneyland” is patterned diagonally across the torso and arms.

A close-up of the tie-dye rainbow lettering.

The lettering has a gradient of purple, blue, green, yellow, and pink in a tie-dye pattern.

T-Shirt – $29.99

A black T-shirt with a multi-colored Disneyland logo hangs on a clothing rack

This short-sleeved T-shirt is solid black.

A close-up of the Disneyland wordmark on the shirt

“Disneyland” is across the chest. The letters are white but their shadows are teal blue, purple, red, and yellow.

A close-up of the Disneyland "D" tag on the sleeve.

The shirts and sweatshirts have black tags on their hems featuring the Disneyland “D” logo in white.

Crewneck Sweatshirt – $49.99

A heather gray crewneck sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is a light heather gray. The Disneyland “D” logo is on the chest with colorful shadows against a black background.

A close-up of the multi-colored Disneyland "D" printed on the sweatshirt

“Disneyland” is printed in black below the logo.

A close-up of the Disneyland "D" tag.

The Disneyland “D” tag is sewn to the sleeve’s cuff.

Hoodie – $69.99

A black zip-up Disneyland "D" hoodie hangs on a clothing rack.

This hoodie is black. It zips up and has two front pockets.

A close-up of the Disneyland "D" icon embroidered on the hoodie.

The “D” logo and “Disneyland” are embroidered on the left breast. Again, the logo has colorful shadows.

A view of the back of the Disneyland zip-up hoodie.

“Disneyland” is across the back in the same styling as on the T-shirt.

Jersey – $64.99

A teal and black Disneyland jersey hangs on a clothing rack.

This jersey has a teal blue yoke. The V-neck has a black stripe. The rest of the shirt is black with teal blue stripes on the edges of the short sleeves.

A close-up of the multi-colored Disneyland "D" on the jersey.

The Disneyland logo and “Disneyland Resort” are white on the chest’s center.

A view of the Disneyland wordmark on the back of the jersey.

“Disneyland” is embroidered on the back of the shoulders in white against teal blue.

Sweater – $49.99

A teal sweatshirt with the Disneyland "D" on the front.

This sweater is a lighter material than the sweatshirts above. It’s the same teal blue color from the jersey.

A close-up of the Disneyland "D" icon on the chest.

The logo and “Disneyland” are on the chest, with the park name in black.

Spirit Jersey Reversible Bucket Hat – $39.99

two Disneyland tie-dye bucket hats sit on a merchandise display.

There are two bucket hats in this collection. This first one, made by Spirit Jersey, is white and reversible. It matches the white sweatshirt.

A close up of a white bucket hat with a rainbow tie-dye Disneyland Resort wordmark in a repeating all-over pattern.

One side is covered in “Disneyland Resort” in colorful tie-dye lettering.

A close-up of the Disney and Spirit Jersey tags.

There are dark blue Disney and Spirit Jersey tags.

A look at the other side of the bucket hat, featuring an all-over tie-dye pattern.

The other side of the bucket hat features an all-over tie-dye pattern without lettering.

Bucket Hat – $29.99

A white bucket hat with a multicolored repeating pattern of the Disneyland "D" and resort wordmark.

The outside of this bucket hat is white. It has a black ribbon around the center. It’s covered in the Disneyland “D” logo in various colorways.

A view of the top of the bucket hat

“Disneyland Resort” is printed in black among the logos.

A look at the inside of the bucket hat.

The inside of the bucket hat is bright yellow.

Water waBottle – $27.99

A black water bottle with a wood lid and repeating multicolored Disneyland "D" pattern sits on a merchandise display.

This water bottle is black. Disneyland “D” logos are printed in diagonal stripes around the tumbler.

A close-up of the Disneyland "D" pattern.

They’re purple, blue, pink, and yellow.

A close-up of the Disneyland Resort wordmark on the bottle.

A black section near the bottom features “Disneyland Resort” in teal.

A reporter's hand holding the lid and the open water bottle.

The bottle has a wood finish cap. It is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe.

Cup – $24.99

A clear tumbler with a light blue lid and a tie-dye Disneyland Resort wordmark repeating pattern.

This tumbler has a clear exterior around a white interior cup. “Disneyland” is in tie-dye lettering all around it, matching the white sweatshirt and reversible bucket hat.

A light teal lid and transparent straw on the tumbler.

It has a light teal lid and a transparent straw. This tumbler is also not dishwasher or microwave safe.

A close-up of the pattern on the tumbler.

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