New Snow White Kate Spade Bag Collection

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Snow White Kate Spade backpack, tote, and mirror purse

New Snow White Kate Spade Bag Collection

Kate Spade and Disney have collaborated on a new “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” collection now available at Walt Disney World Resort.

Snow White Kate Spade Collection

Snow White Kate Spade bags in Uptown Jewelers

The new bags are available in Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom. There’s a tote, backpack, wallet, crossbody, and double-up purse.

A Snow White Kate Spade small cardholder wallet on display.

Note that a small cardholder was also on display but unavailable for purchase. It’s red with a fake “bite” out of it, resembling an apple, with Snow White pictured.

Snow White Kate Spade Mirror Purse – $398

A reporter's hand holding an oval-shaped Snow White Kate Spade purse.

This oval purse resembles The Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror. Snow White is depicted in her iconic dress with a high white collar and red bow. She’s a leather patch on a silver reflective background. A gilded frame surrounds Snow.

The rest of the bag is white leather with black piping. This same image of Snow and color scheme is used for other items in the collection.

A close-up of a gold crown on the purse's mirror frame.

There’s a crown at the top of the gold mirror frame.

A close-up of the purse's clasp.

The bag has a metal silvertone clasp on top.

A view of the side of the purse.

It has a handle on top and an adjustable, detachable crossbody strap.

A view of the bottom of the purse.

It opens like a hinged box.

A reporter's hand showing off the inside lining of the purse.

The interior lining is solid black. The rest of the items in this collection also have black interiors.

A reporter's showing the back of the purse.

The back of the bag is solid white. The Kate Spade New York wordmark is debossed at the bottom.

Snow White Kate Spade Tote – $378

A Snow White Kate Spade tote hanging on a rack.

The tote is white. It’s patterned with red apples. Snow is pictured holding up a red apple, about to take a bite.

A close-up of the tote.

“Kate Spade New York” is near the top of the bag, above Snow.

A view of the apple pattern across the back of the tote.

The apple pattern continues around the tote. It has two white shoulder straps. A small zip pocket is inside.

Snow White Kate Spade Backpack – $348

A reporter's hand holding a Snow White Kate Spade backpack.

The backpack is white with the same apple pattern as the tote. The same image of Snow from the mirror bag is on the small front pocket.

A side view of the backpack

Both the small pocket and main pocket zip up with silvertone zippers.

A look at the back of the backpack.

It has a small handle on top. The two backpack straps are solid white with black piping. They’re adjustable with silver buckles.

Snow White Kate Spade Wallet – $138

A reporter's hand holding the Snow White Kate Spade wallet.

The wallet is white and features Snow on the front. Two blue birds are flying next to her. It has a zipper above the Kate Spade New York wordmark.

A close-up of the bitten apple charm on the wallet.

A red apple charm with a bite out of it dangles from the zipper.

Snow White Kate Spade Double-Up Bag – $328

A reporter's hand holding the Snow White Kate Spade Double-Up Bag.

This set includes two bags attached with one adjustable black strap. The larger purse is white with a red apple pattern. The smaller bag is similar to the wallet, with a picture of snow and two birds.

Another angle of the bags.

Both bags have silvertone rings that the black strap can clip to. You can choose to “double-up” and carry both bags or just one.

Will you be taking home a Snow White Kate Spade bag or wallet? Don a Snow White ear headband to complete the look.

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