New Stitch and Disney Eats Lollipop Collections at Walt Disney World

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Stitch Attacks Snacks and Disney Eats lollipop collections

New Stitch and Disney Eats Lollipop Collections at Walt Disney World

The April collections of Stitch Attacks Snacks series and Disney Eats series are inspired by colorful Mickey lollipops.

Disney Eats and Stitch Attacks lollipop collections

These items are available in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom alongside previous snack-inspired items. There’s a Stitch plush, Angel plush, Stitch pin set, mouse ear headband, and Spirit Jersey.

Stitch Attacks Snacks Lollipop Collection

Stitch Plush – $34.99

Stitch lollipop plush

The plush depicts Stitch with one eye closed as he licks a Mickey-shaped lollipop. His floppy ears are set back in happiness.

Mickey lollipop plush

The lollipop has swirling pink, blue, and green pastel sections with thin yellow stripes.

Back of Stitch plush

Stitch wears a yellow shirt patterned with confetti, Mickey heads, and large Mickey-shaped lollipops.

Stitch lollipop shirt

The lollipops include some resembling the snack he’s holding as well as a pink and white lolly and a blue and red lolly.

Stitch Attacks Snacks plush patch

Stitch has a green embroidered patch on his left foot featuring the Stitch Attacks Snacks logo and “Series 4 of 12.”

Angel Plush – $34.99

Angel lollipop plush

This series is the first to also include an Angel plush. Stitch’s pink counterpart has a similar expression to him, but with her mouth closed. Her blue tongue sticks out towards the Mickey-shaped lollipop.

Side of Angel plush

Her dress is yellow and features the same pattern as Stitch’s shirt.

Stitch Attacks Snacks Angel plush patch

She has a green patch on her foot declaring her part of “Series 1 of 9,” suggesting there will be nine total Angel plush.

Pin Set – $34.99

Stitch Attacks Snacks lollipop pin set

The pin set includes three pins on a yellow backing card resembling Stitch’s shirt. One pin is a Mickey-shaped lollipop.

Stitch, Angel, lollipop pins

The other two pins are Stitch and Angel eating lollipops.

Disney Eats Lollipop Collection

Ear Headband -$39.99

Lollipop ear headband

This ear headband is the same pastel colors as Stitch’s lollipop.

Lollipop striped bow

The silky bow features colorful stripes.

Lollipop mouse ear

The ears are made of a rolled velour swirled like a lollipop.

Disney Eats plaque on lollipop headband

A Disney Eats plaque is on the side of the headband, which is also striped.

Back of lollipop ears

The headband is lined in solid pink velour.

Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Lollipop Spirit Jersey

The Spirit Jersey is white. The bottom halves of the torso and sleeves are covered in pastel Mickey-shaped lollipops on yellow sticks.

Mickey lollipop Walt Disney World logo

One lollipop is on the left breast, next to a green and yellow Walt Disney World logo. “Est. 1971” is in black.

Lollipop pattern, Disney tag, Spirit Jersey tag

The pictured lollipops all have a bite taken out of them and are dripping. There are crumbs and yellow four-pointed stars around them.

Back of lollipop Spirit Jersey

“Walt Disney World” is across the back in brightly colored lettering.

"Walt Disney World" on lollipop jersey

There are dots and stars around the resort name, too.

Tumbler – $29.99

A person holding a colorful Disney Eats tumbler in a store, with merchandise displays visible in the background.

The Disney Eats Lollipop collection also includes a travel tumbler. The Walt Disney World wordmark is present on one side of the cup, in pastel shades of green, pink, yellow, and blue. A small Mickey lollipop icon rests on the “D” logo.

A person holding a colorful striped Disney Eats tumbler in a store, with racks of similar items in the background.

The opposite side of the tumbler includes the Starbucks mermaid logo in blue.

A person holding a colorful Disney Eats plastic tumbler with a striped straw, displayed among other tumblers on a wooden shelf.

The lid is faceted like a translucent blue disco ball. The included straw is striped in matching pastel shades.

The upcoming Disney Eats collections are:

  • May: Ice Cream
  • June: Donut
  • July: Shaved Ice
  • August: Pineapple Swirl
  • September: Caramel Apple
  • October: Churro
  • November: Gingerbread
  • December: S’mores

Stitch Attacks Snacks has similar themes:

  • May: Milkshake
  • June: Donut
  • July: Shaved Ice
  • August: Pineapple Swirl
  • September: Caramel Apple
  • October: Churro
  • November: Gingerbread
  • December: Hot Chocolate

Which snack collection are you most looking forward to?

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