New Team Green Character Posters Installed in TRON Lightcycle Run Post-Show

Shannen Ace

MOTO poster

New Team Green Character Posters Installed in TRON Lightcycle Run Post-Show

New character posters have gone up in the Team Green post-show room for TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom.

Team Green Characters

TRON Lightcycle Run Team Green post-show

Enterprise sponsors the post-show. A Lightcycle is on display in the center of the area, in front of a large Team Green graphic. Green lights run through the display and across the walls.

NEXUS poster

There are three character posters displayed at a time. The poster for NEXUS, Innovation Director, was already on display.

LAN poster

One of the new posters is for LAN, Community Achievement Specialist.

Committed to assisting all Users, LAN and fellow Community Achievement Specialists take action to support a variety of programs and make a positive impact on and off the Grid.

MOTO poster

The other new poster highlights MOTO, Integrated Systems Engineer.

MOTO and their fellow Integrated Systems Engineers build and maintain intricate networks to keep the many Users of Team Green’s large fleet fully connected.

Team Green Enterprise graphic

There are 12 Team Green team members, as seen on the room’s other graphics. LAN and MOTO’s posters replaced those of ROM and MODUS.

Team Green graphic

Other team members listed on this display are CYCLO, LOGIC, REVO, ION, VECTOR, DIVOQ, and ENVI.

Watch our TRON Lightcycle / Run POV ride video below.

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