Disney Updates Disability Access Service Due to Overuse

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Disney Updates Disability Access Service Due to Overuse

The new update to Disney’s disability access service (DAS) is due to overuse, according to Disney officials.

Disability Access Service Overuse

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In the past five years, the use of Disney’s DAS has tripled. This brought it far beyond its original intended capacity, creating difficulties for Cast Members and making it harder for disabled guests to get the services they need.

The updated service restricts eligible guests to those with a “developmental disability like autism or similar, are unable to wait in a conventional queue for an extended period of time.” It also restricts the number of guests on one pass to four people (with exceptions for minors) and immediate family only, significantly cutting down on how many people will be using the DAS.

Disney is dedicated to providing a great experience for all Guests, including those with disabilities, which is why we are so committed to delivering a wide range of innovative support services aimed at helping our Guests with disabilities have a wonderful time when visiting our theme parks.

Walt Disney World spokesperson

Over the coming months, Disney will also add more Cast Members and invest in specialized training, team up with Inspire Health Alliance professionals to help Cast determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations and add more options for guests needing support in queues. This includes creating a defined “return to queue” process for guests who might need to go to the restroom or take some other kind of break while waiting.

The updated Disability Access Service will launch on May 20 at Walt Disney World and on June 18 at Disneyland Resort.

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2 thoughts on “Disney Updates Disability Access Service Due to Overuse”

  1. Does this mean my son with autism is not eligible? I’m unsure because it states restricts eligablity for autism or similar

  2. Does this mean I am not able to use DAS. I can not walk for long distances I use a cane for short distances. But when I visit theme parks or Zoos or places like Sea World I rent a ECV to get around. I have medical issues. I also have a disability parking permit for my vehicle.


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