New Zootopia Bus Debuts at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

A side-angle view of the Zootopia bus at Walt Disney World.

New Zootopia Bus Debuts at Walt Disney World

The new Walt Disney World bus featuring a “Zootopia” wrap is now transporting guests around the resort. We caught the Zootopia bus on the route between Disney’s Animal Kingdom and All-Star Resorts.

Zootopia Bus

Front of Zootopia bus with "Kristoff" LED

The new Zootopia bus is one of 90 new buses replacing older models at Walt Disney World Resort. In addition to new wraps inspired by characters and films, these buses have improved accessibility features. We first saw them joining the fleet in February.

A side view of the "Zootopia" bus

The “Zootopia” bus wrap makes it look like a yellow-orange bus from the fictional city. Different characters are pictured peering out of the windows. There are large windows over the bus’ real windows and small ones along the bottom for smaller “Zootopia” creatures.

Nick, Judy, and more Zootopia characters in bus windows

The Ottertons are in the first window, with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde right behind them. A polar bear bodyguard holds up Mr. Big. The smaller windows feature hamsters and other shrews.

A medium shot of the "Zootopia" bus

Yax is in the next window. It looks like he’s donned a shirt for the public bus ride, instead of going nude like usual. The Zootopia skyline unfolds behind him and is pictured across the bus’ backdoors.

Flash, Pricilla, Chief Bogo, Officer Clawhauser, and Fru Fru on the side of the "Zootopia" bus.

Mr. Big’s daughter, Fru Fru, is in one of the small windows near the back of the bus. There’s also a small door pictured for the little creatures.

Another angle of the back of the bus.

Clawhauser and Chief Bogo are each sitting near the back of the bus, too.

A close-up of Flash and Pricilla sitting on the bus.

In the last seats are Flash and Priscilla the sloths.

Back of Zootopia bus with Gazelle

More of the Zootopia skyline is on the back of the bus in another fake window. Gazelle is also pictured in the back window.

A new “Ratatouille” bus also recently debuted at Walt Disney World. At Shanghai Disneyland, guests can join Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps in a Zootopia-themed land.

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