PHOTOS: Peter Pan, Tangled, and Frozen Decor Arrive for Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

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A two-photo collage of Fantasy Springs decorations up in Tokyo DisneySea.

PHOTOS: Peter Pan, Tangled, and Frozen Decor Arrive for Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

New decor for the “Dreaming of Fantasy Springs” event beginning later this month has gone up at Tokyo DisneySea.

Dreaming of Fantasy Springs Decor

A wide shot of the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea

While approaching the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea, we spotted new banners up ahead of the park’s “Dreaming of Fantasy Springs” event, which begins this month on April 9 and runs through June 30.

A medium shot of the Fantasy Springs banner at the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea.

Approaching the archway that leads to the rest of the park, this Fantasy Springs banner has gone up.

A close-up of the gold fixture holding up the Fantasy Springs banner.

A gold-colored filigree fixture holds the banner in place, with a Mickey head and the center and gold-toned ropes with tassels.

A close-up of the "FS" wordmark on the banner.

The “FS” at the top of the banner is printed to look like it was embroidered with golden thread.

Part of the Fantasy Springs message on the entrance banner.

The banner includes a short message that reads somewhat like a dedication and says:

Epic Adventures, heartwarming tales, and romantic journeys await those who set foot in Fantasy Springs, where every moment is filled with enchantment and delight.

The second part of the message on the entrance banner.

Come and immerse yourself in a captivating world of new beginnings, and let your imagination soar.

The final part of the message of the entrance banner.

The magic is here, waiting to be discovered!

A swirl of pixie dust and flowers line the bottom of the banner.

A photo of the Peter Pan and Tinker Bell "Dreaming of Fantasy Springs" banner.

Inside the park at Mediterranean Harbor, more new banners have been added to lampposts, all featuring characters that will be represented in the land. The above banner includes minimalistic line art of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

A photo of the "Frozen" themed "Dreaming of Fantasy Springs" banner.

Another banner includes line art of Anna and Elsa from “Frozen.” Both characters are set against a dark blue background with floral accents, and “Dreaming of Fantasy Springs” is at the top of the banner. Gold tassels and ribbon line the decor.

A photo of the Rapunzel "Dreaming of Fantasy Springs" banner

The final new banner depicts Rapunzel with many lanterns, which feature the sun crest of her kingdom of Corona.

Mickey and Minnie in their greeting outfits for "Dreaming of Fantasy Springs."

“Dreaming of Fantasy Springs” will include a special harbor greeting, where Mickey and Minnie will don new outfits; merchandise; decorations; and a menu themed to the special event.

Fantasy Springs will open to guests at Tokyo Disney Resort on June 6, 2024. The new Tokyo DisneySea port will include three areas: Frozen Kingdom, themed to “Frozen”; Rapunzel’s Forest, themed to “Tangled”; and Peter Pan’s Neverland, themed to “Peter Pan” and Pixie Hollow.

Rockwork depicting Anna and Elsa from "Frozen" in Fantasy Springs.

Tokyo Disney Resort released a preview of the new themed port earlier this year. In addition, an entrance sign for Tokyo DisneySea was recently added to the Fantasy Springs Hotel.

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