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PHOTOS: ‘Tiendita’ Sign, Earl of Sandwich Decals, and Parkside Market Construction at Downtown Disney District

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Another new sign has been added to Paseo and Céntrico, decals are on the temporary Earl of Sandwich trailer, and construction continues on Parkside Market in Downtown Disney District.

Downtown Disney Construction


Paseo & Centrico construction walls

At the end of the walkway past Pele Soccer, a new sign hangs behind the Paseo and Céntrico construction walls.

Tiendita sign

The black sign hangs from wood panels on the roof. It reads, “Tiendita,” which refers to a small shop. Some wiring also hangs nearby, presumably for lighting.

Once open, Tiendita will serve Chef Carlos Gaytán’s Mexican fare on-the-go with street food options. Gaytán also created the menus for Paseo and Centrico.

Paseo & Céntrico

Foliage on bar covering

Meanwhile, the structure over the former Uva Bar has been covered with roof paneling with stripes of foliage.

Foliage on structure

Lamps with straw shades hang from the structure into the bar area.

Paseo construction site

The Paseo sign was installed on the nearby tower last month.

Temporary Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich trailer

This trailer is now covered in Earl of Sandwich decals to become the restaurant’s new, temporary location. Earl of Sandwich moved to its current location about a year ago but will move again as construction begins on Porto’s Bakery.

Earl of Sandwich order window

The trailer is not yet open. It’s up against a fence surrounding more construction. Windows are labeled for ordering and pick up.

Pavement Work

Tarp over pavement work behind fence

Fencing and scrim went up around the Downtown Disney District archway in January of this year for pavement work. When we visited recently, the scrim was rolled up, so we could see a white tarp over a section of missing pavement.

Holidays banner behind fence

This 2023 “The Holidays Begin Here” banner on a lamppost behind the fence shows how long the area has been under construction.

Pavement work at Downtown Disney District

Crews are also working on pavement near Star Wars Trading Post, where a stage used to be. A new stage and grassy area opened late last year.

Star Wars Trading Post is Open sign

Signs point to the Star Wars Trading Post entrance around construction sites.

Parkside Market

Parkside Market construction steel framework against brick wall

The biggest construction site in Downtown Disney District right now is Parkside Market. The new area includes the aforementioned stage and the upcoming Seoul Sister, Sip & Sonder, GG’s Chicken Shop, and Second Story Bar. These are taking over the district’s west side.

Crane and steel framework

Steel beams, including red supports, outline a multi-story building. A crane towers over the construction site.

Steel framework and brick wall

A brick wall is at the back of this framework. Construction walls border the new lawn and stage nearby.

Red framework and crane

The construction walls feature information about Downtown Disney District and Parkside Market.

White wall and three columns behind construction walls

Behind construction walls near the stage is a wall of small squares and circles.

Three columns with sheathing

A trio of columns are covered in sheathing but not final paneling.

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung construction

Din Tai Fung, a new Chinese restaurant, is also under construction on the west side. The structure has a distinctly Chinese shape, with curved edges to the roof.

Din Tai Fung curved wall corner

The green scrim covering the front of the restaurant and its scaffolding was rolled up, revealing the building’s framework. There are rounded support beams on the roof’s overhang.

Din Tai Fung entrance overhang

Below the roof is an overhang that will presumably cover the main entrance.

Din Tai Fung overhang

This week, Disneyland Resort shared updated opening timeframes for Paseo, Centrico, Tiendita, and Din Tai Fung. Paseo, Centrico, and Tiendita will open in just a few weeks this May, and Din Tai Fung will open its doors this summer.

The Disney Dress Shop also recently moved to a new Downtown Disney District location.

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