Butterbeer ice lolly held in front of Hogwarts Castle

REVIEW: New Butterbeer Ice Lolly at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando Resort

Shannen Ace

This summer at Universal Orlando Resort is going to be hot, but the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has rolled out a brand new treat to help you beat the heat. The Butterbeer ice lolly has finally arrived, right at the end of Butterbeer season.

Magic Neep cart, a green kiosk on Hogsmeade street

This popsicle will be available throughout the summer for a limited time from the Hopping Pot in Diagon Alley and the Magic Neep cart in Hogsmeade.

Limited time only Butterbeer Ice Lolly sign

Butterbeer Ice Lolly – $8.99

Yellow ice lolly in Butterbeer packaging, held in front of green cart

This is a similar concept to the character Freeze Ray Pops in Minion Land. The outside is a hard shell and the inside is a soft popsicle. The outer layer replicates the flavor of Butterbeer’s foam topping while the inside is inspired by the beverage.

Close up of Butterbeer ice lolly in plastic packaging

These come prepackaged and wrapped in themed Butterbeer plastic. The stick is also themed with a “B” for Butterbeer. When you finish your popsicle, you’ll find a surprise design on the stick of what appear to be bugs.

Butterbeer ice lolly held in front of Hogwarts Castle

Wandering around Hogsmeade taking photos and videos of the popsicle, we thought the interior would be a puddle by the time we opened the packaging. The bottom might have been a little leaky, but the first bite of the popsicle was still frozen.

Butterbeer ice lolly with one bite taken out of top corner

It tasted a bit like a white chocolate shell. We couldn’t taste much Butterbeer at first. We let it soften some before eating more and the Butterbeer flavors were there in the second bite.

Butterbeer ice lolly with bite missing

The Butterbeer flavor was faint but built upon itself with each bite. It’s creamy and not sweet. It’s a delicious treat.

Half-eaten yellow popsicle

Grab napkins and wrap the stick to prevent the lolly from dripping on your hand.

Wood popsicle stick with black bug design
Nutrition facts and ingredients list on plastic packaging

The back of the packaging also lists nutrition facts and ingredients. The Butterbeer ice lolly contains milk, soy, and coconut.

Watch our video review:

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