Tomorrowland Galactic Gateway Booth Repainted at Magic Kingdom

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Galactic Gateway booth surrounded by planters

Tomorrowland Galactic Gateway Booth Repainted at Magic Kingdom

The tech booth for the Galactic Gateway stage, a.k.a. the Rockettower Plaza Stage, in Tomorrowland has been repainted during an ongoing refurbishment project.

Galactic Gateway Refurbishment in Tomorrowland

Galactic Gateway stage in Tomorrowland

The Magic Kingdom stage hosts dance parties, character appearances, and special stage shows. Recently, rolling planters went up around the stage and its booth. Crew members began to strip paint from both structures.

Side of Galactic Gateway booth

Since our last update, the booth has been repainted. It now has white walls with gray stripes and curved columns. There are large black circles on the sides.

Blue rectangular blocks on booth

These decorative blocks above the booth window have been painted light blue. Silver metal panels frame the window.

Light blue wall

The same light blue paint is on the wall below the window.

Galactic Gateway booth surrounded by planters

Previously, the blocks above the window were yellow. The curved columns were a light teal color. The new paint job looks complete, but there are still rolling planters around the booth and more updates could be planned.

Back of Galactic Gateway booth with planters

Longer blocks and two accent panels on the back of the booth are also now light blue.

Galactic Gateway stage behind planters

The stage maintains the former color scheme but will likely be repainted next. It has a white back wall with slanted black lines, teal columns, and blue decorative elements.

Scraped teal paint

As we saw last month, some of the teal paint has been scraped away from the column on the right, leaving white spots. But there has been no further work on the stage.

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