Universal Studios Glamor Tram in front of Bates Motel

Universal Studios Hollywood Announces World-Famous Studio Tour 60th Anniversary Details

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Universal Studios Hollywood has announced official details about their celebration of the World-Famous Studio Tour’s 60th anniversary.

The celebration will run from April 26 to August 11, 2024, honoring the Studio Tour’s opening in 1964 with “Glamor Trams.” We previously reported on the tour’s current trams getting Glamor Tram makeovers and some sections of the tour being closed for 60th anniversary updates.

Special Edition Studio Tour 

Universal Studios Glamor Tram in front of Bates Motel

The Studio Tour is getting a makeover for its 60th anniversary, including updated decor, new scripts for the tour guides, and new media content (featuring new celebrity cameos) you’ll watch on the tour. The diesel trams have been made to look like the old candy-striped Glamor Trams while the “electric trams will take guests cruising through the past in modern style” — indicating they won’t be redecorated.

Step Onto an Iconic Movie Set 

ush 60th anniversary studio tour step off tram

For the first time in decades, guests will get to step off the Studio Tour trams and experience the studio backlot on foot. When the tram reaches a “certain well-known movie set,” guests will deboard. Not only will they get the opportunity to get up close and personal with an old-school Glamor Tram, but they’ll get access to unique photo ops inspired by some of Universal’s most beloved blockbusters. Some photo ops include special, cinematic AR filters.

Universal also notes “you are on one of the creepiest sets in movie history. Keep an eye out for a certain someone lurking around the set. He just might be amenable to a selfie — if you’re lucky.” It seems guests will exit the tram at the Bates Motel and Norman Bates may be roaming. 

Experience Historic Studio Tour Moments

ush universal studios glamor tram

This 60th anniversary version of the World-Famous Studio Tour will relish in the attraction’s legacy with references to past iterations. Experiences have come and gone over the past 60 years, including the Parting of the Red Sea, the Ice Tunnel, and more. This year’s gussied-up tour will give guests a taste of retired moments: as they pass the location of an erstwhile Studio Tour moment, the tram screens will display what Classic Moment used to be there.

ush studio tour runaway train

One of those Classic Moments is fully returning to the World-Famous Studio Tour, though. The Runaway Train, which originally ran from 1974-1985, is back for the 60th Anniversary of the Studio Tour. An archival photo of the original is shown above.

Universal Studios Hollywood will also have blue signs reading HERE BACK THEN throughout the park. When guests scan the displayed QR code, they’ll get a look at the retired attractions or shows that used to stand in that same spot. 

A New Look For a Beloved Classic 

“Earthquake – The Big One,” which replicates an 8.3 Richter scale seismic shift inside a 1989 San Francisco BART station, has been revamped as a modern subway stop with electric bikes and sleek white tiles. But don’t worry, it hasn’t lost any of its thrills — a fire, crashing ceiling, sliding gas tank, and flood are all still fabricated with practical effects.

Celebratory Food and Beverage Offerings

ush 60 donuts

Throughout the festivities, Universal will have special, retro-inspired menu items available at the park.

Special Edition Popcorn Bucket

ush glamor tram woody woodpecker popcorn bucket

A 60th anniversary popcorn bucket will resemble a Universal Studios Glamor Tram with Woody Woodpecker in the driver’s seat.

Festive Drinks

The park has two celebratory drinks on tap for the 60th anniversary celebration. First is the non-alcoholic Lava Lamp: a swirl of Sprite, alcohol-free blue Curaçao, grenadine, and sparkling cranberry juice, topped with blue raspberry Pop Rocks. 

For the 21+ crowd, there’s the Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, a vodka hibiscus lemonade; the Shark Bite, a tequila-based drink with tropical vibes and a shark lollipop; the Old Hollywoodwith whiskey, a root beer liqueur and cream soda; and the rum-based Kong Tiki which uses banana and other fruit flavors.

Celebratory Snacks

ush 60 pretzel

City Snack Shop, a to-go stand flanking Production Plaza on the Upper Lot, is offering giant pretzels shaped like the number 60, special edition Banana Breath Popcorn (that’s caramel + banana chips), and a lineup of commemorative sugar cookies including one shaped like a candy-striped Glamor Tram.

Nostalgic Meals

ush 60 food 1

On the Upper Lot, Hollywood & Dine will boast a slate of sandwiches — smoked brisket, BBQ cheeseburger, BBQ pulled pork, and BBQ grilled chicken — on Woody Woodpecker buns. At Mel’s (also on the Upper Lot) will be fried chicken and meatloaf served on throwback combo trays. 

Delightful Desserts

ush 60 food 2

Hollywood & Dine will also offer treats inspired by Woody Woodpecker’s pal Chilly Willy: the Chilly Willy Funnel Cake and the Chilly Willy snowball. The Film Reel Cookie Sandwich, a sugar cookie with cream filling shaped, will also be available

On the Lower Lot, Studio Scoop will offer Kong’s Ice Cream Sundae, a gigantic banana split topped with strawberry, chocolate, waffle cone chunks, candy bananas, whipped cream, banana chips, and a 60th Anniversary cookie. They’ll also have the smaller Glam Tram Cone made of vanilla soft serve with a strawberry flavor swirl, and also topped with a 60th Anniversary cookie. 

The 60th Donut is technically two donuts covered in blue icing and candy pearls.

Limited-Edition Throwback Merch

ush 60th merchandise preview

Inspired by the red and white stripes on the original Glamor Trams, new shirts, jackets, hats, mugs, cups, and more will be available at Universal Studio Store at CityWalkUniversal Studio Store inside the theme park, and Production Central inside the theme park. 

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