A vibrant merchandise display showcases Disney-themed items, including headbands, sunglasses, a plush toy, a red t-shirt, a black long-sleeve shirt, and a black backpack—all celebrating Pride with rainbow designs. Perfect for your next Disneyland Resort adventure!

2024 Disney Pride Collection Arrives at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

The 2024 Disney Pride Collection has arrived at Disneyland Resort. This collection features the rainbow pride flag, honoring the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride Month (June).

A retail store with Disney-themed Pride merchandise, including shirts and signs, on display stands. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and several people are shopping in the background.

We found the new collection in the Emporium at Disneyland.

A sign displays information about the Disney Pride Collection, stating that it was created by LGBTQIA+ members and allies and that Disney supports LGBTQIA+ nonprofits year-round.

The Disney Pride Collection was created by members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. The Walt Disney Company proudly works with nonprofits throughout the year to support the LGBTQIA+ community globally.

Disney Pride Collection Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Black Spirit Jersey on a store display features large "Disneyland" text on the upper part and a design of Mickey Mouse with a rainbow and the word "LOVE" on the lower part.

The Spirit Jersey is black with a subtle speckle pattern. “Disneyland Resort” is in white on the back of the shoulders.

A black Spirit Jersey with a graphic of a silhouetted character in front of a rainbow and the word "LOVE" displayed on a wooden stand.

On the lower back is the white silhouette of Mickey. A colorful rainbow arcs over him. “Love” is split at each end of the rainbow.

Black Disneyland Spirit Jersey with colorful logo displayed on a hanger in a store. Other clothing items and customers are visible in the background.

Mickey’s silhouette is on the front of the jersey too, this time made up of rainbow stripes.

A close-up of a black Disneyland Resort Spirit Jersey with a rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse silhouette logo.

He has a white border and “Disneyland Resort” below him.

Disney Pride Collection Ball Cap – $29.99

A person holds a black baseball cap with a colorful castle emblem on the front. The background shows a retail store with various items and shoppers.

The ball cap is also black. It has rainbow stitching on the brim.

A black baseball cap featuring an embroidered emblem of a castle with a rainbow border and small colorful stars.

A silicone patch on the front features a white castle, colorful stars, and a rainbow border.

Disney Pride Collection Short-Sleeved Jersey – $74.99

A black baseball jersey with white piping and rainbow-trimmed sleeves hangs on a store rack. It features "D," "L," and "R" initials in rainbow colors on the upper left side. Multicolored backpacks are beside it.

This baseball-style jersey buttons up. It’s black with white detailing. “DLR” is in rainbow lettering on the left breast.

A hand holds a black shirt sleeve with white buttons. The sleeve has a white "D" emblem filled with a rainbow pattern and a rainbow-striped cuff.

On the right sleeve, the Disneyland “D” logo is white with rainbow stripes inside. The edge of the sleeve also features rainbow stripes.

Black shirt with a colorful Disneyland Resort logo, featuring a castle graphic decorated with stars and rainbow accents. The shirt is displayed on a hanger in a retail setting.

Castle towers are on the back in white. “Disneyland Resort” is across the bottom of the design in rainbow stripes. There are colorful four-pointed stars between the towers.

Disney Pride Collection Loungefly Mini Backpack – $78.00

A colorful Loungefly mini backpack with a pattern featuring the word "LOVE" in multiple languages, Mickey Mouse faces, and other designs hangs on display in a store.

The backpack is made of black pleather with an all-over pattern. It features “Love” in different fonts, colors, and languages. The pattern also includes small rainbows and images of Mickey.

A colorful backpack with "Disney Parks" and "Loungefly" branding, featuring rainbow patterns and various "LOVE" designs along with Mickey Mouse icons.

The metal Disney Parks and Loungefly tag is on a rainbow-striped patch. The same striping is around the gold-tone zipper of the front pocket.

A small black backpack with colorful rainbow straps and designs featuring words like "LOVE" and "AMOUR" in various fonts.

The straps are striped vertically.

Disney Pride Collection Ear Headband – $34.99

A hand holds a Minnie Mouse ear headband featuring a rainbow bow and "LOVE" text at a store.

The same pattern as the Loungefly backpack is on the ears of this accessory. The bow is a rainbow.

A person holds up a pair of Mickey Mouse ears with a rainbow-colored bow and "Love" design, set against a background of a store interior.

A medallion at the center of the bow features Mickey, a rainbow, and “Love.” The medallion is removable and doubles as a pin.

A person holding a headband with a rainbow bow from the Disney Pride Collection; tag is visible in front of a store display with colorful clothing in the background.

The bow is also detachable.

Disney Pride Collection Mug – $19.99

A hand holds a colorful mug featuring Mickey Mouse and the word "Pride" with a rainbow-striped handle, displayed in a merchandise store.

This mug is white with a rainbow handle. Mickey is pictured wearing red, orange, and yellow-striped shorts and green, blue, and purple-striped shorts. “Pride” is next to him with a rainbow border.

A hand holding a mug with a castle design inside, against a backdrop of clothing and accessories displayed in a store.

The interior is light blue. Sleeping Beauty Castle is printed in white at the bottom of the inside, with some colorful stars around it.

Disney Pride Collection Red Tee – $29.99

A red t-shirt with a geometric design and the letter "D" printed on the front is hanging on a plastic hanger.

This shirt is red, the traditional color of “Gay Days,” an unofficial event at Disney Parks. The design on the chest is a circular emblem with rainbow striping on the bottom.

A red t-shirt with a white emblem featuring a tower and shield design with a rainbow at the bottom.

A crest in the center features a castle tower, the Disneyland logo, and the Walt Disney World logo.

Disney Pride Collection Folding Fan – $14.99

A hand holds an open fan featuring Mickey Mouse and the word "love" in multiple languages, inside a well-lit store with various merchandise displays and people in the background.

This folding fan features the same design as the Loungefly backpack.

A colorful handheld fan with rainbow-colored spokes and vibrant text decorations is displayed inside a well-lit retail store. Two people and a shelf with merchandize are visible in the background.

It has colorful spokes.

A person holds a rainbow-colored fan featuring a character, with the word "LOVE" on it, against a tiled background in a store.

A detachable clip features Mickey’s silhouette and a rainbow.

Disney Pride Collection Pullover Hoodie – $59.99

A black hoodie featuring a white castle graphic with multicolored flags and the word "Disneyland Resort" displayed on the front, hanging in a store beside red t-shirts.

The pullover hoodie is solid black. Castle towers are in white on the chest. Colorful four-pointed stars are in the “sky” around them.

Black hoodie featuring a colorful Disneyland Resort castle design with multicolored stars and flags.

“Disneyland Resort” is in rainbow-striped lettering at the bottom of the towers.

Disney Pride Collection Starbucks Tumbler – $49.99

A hand holds a colorful, faceted tumbler with a Disneyland logo featuring Mickey Mouse in a souvenir shop filled with various merchandise.

This tumbler has a faceted exterior over gradient rainbow stripes. On one side is a shiny purple panel featuring Mickey’s face and an arc rainbow. “Disneyland Resort” is in white lettering.

Hand holding a colorful, studded Starbucks tumbler in a bustling shop with wooden interior and light fixtures.

The Starbucks logo is in a shiny purple circle on the other side.

A person holds a glittery, multicolored tumbler with a rainbow straw in a shop filled with clothing and various merchandise. Several people are browsing items in the background.

The cap is also purple. It includes a rainbow-striped straw.

Disney Pride Collection “Disneyland” Tee – $29.99

A gray T-shirt with "Disneyland" written in multicolored text displayed on a hanger.

This simple tee is heather gray. “Disneyland Resort” is on the chest. Each letter of “Disneyland” is a different color of the progress pride flag, with “resort” in light blue.

Disney Pride Collection Youth Tee – $34.99

A purple t-shirt featuring a colorful starburst design with a Mickey Mouse face in the center is being displayed. The tag on the neck reads "Disney Pride Collection.

This shirt is purple. Mickey’s face is on the chest atop a rainbow colorful starburst reminiscent of Mickey’s Fun Wheel / Pixar Pal-A-Round.

A purple Disneyland Resort T-shirt displayed on a hanger, with colorful text on the back reading "Disneyland Resort." Nearby shelves hold plush toys, including Stitch characters.

“Disneyland Resort” is across the back. “Disneyland” is rainbow-striped and “Resort” is white.

Disney Pride Collection Stitch Plush – $34.99

A person holds a stuffed toy of Stitch from Disney's "Lilo & Stitch," dressed in a rainbow shirt and sunglasses, inside a store with Disney merchandise visible in the background.

This Stitch plush wears a rainbow-striped button-up, although the buttons are fake. He has matching rainbow sunglasses made of felt.

Disney Pride Collection Black Tee – $29.99

A black T-shirt with a rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse logo on the left chest and a tag reading "Disney Pride" hangs on a display rack in a store.

This tee is black. A rainbow Mickey head is on the left breast.

A hand holding a black t-shirt displaying the words “Disneyland Resort” in colorful letters on the sleeve.

“Disneyland Resort” is in rainbow lettering on the left sleeve.

Disney Pride Collection Zip-Up Hoodie – $59.99

White hoodie with small patterns of rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse shapes and a large heart-shaped Mickey Mouse design on the chest. The hoodie is displayed on a hanger in a store.

This zip-up hoodie is white with an all-over pattern of rainbow Mickey heads.

Close-up of a white hoodie featuring a small rainbow-striped silhouette of Mickey Mouse inside a heart. The hoodie has a zipper and is patterned with identical small Mickey Mouse logos.

A larger rainbow Mickey head is on an embroidered heart-shaped patch on the left breast.

A white hoodie with colorful Mickey Mouse icons and "Disneyland Resort" printed on it in rainbow letters is displayed on a hanger in a store.

“Disneyland Resort” is across the back bottom of the hoodie.

Disney Pride Collection Hand Heart Ornament – $24.99

A hand holds a Disney Pride Collection ornament featuring Mickey Mouse gloves forming a heart shape with a rainbow-colored heart in the center. Other similar ornaments are on display in the background.

This ornament features two white Mickey gloves pressed together to make a heart. The heart between the fingers is rainbow-striped.

A hand holds a rainbow-colored Mickey heart hands ornament in a store display featuring similar themed merchandise.

The flat back of the ornament also features rainbow striping.

Disney Pride Collection Stitch & Scrump Ornament – $24.99

Person holding a Disney ornament featuring Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch," sitting on a rainbow-colored base and holding a small rocket. Other similar ornaments are visible in the background.

This ornament depicts Stitch holding a rainbow version of Lilo’s Scrump doll. He’s sitting on top of a rainbow heart base.

Disney Pride Collection Sweatshirt – $54.99

A gray sweatshirt featuring a colorful animated character print hanging on a display in a store, alongside black and blue backpacks.

This heather gray sweatshirt has Mickey on the chest.

A gray sweatshirt featuring a graphic of a cartoon mouse character with black ears, white gloves, red shorts, and rainbow-colored shoes.

He wears rainbow-striped shorts and shoes.

Close-up of a person holding a grey garment sleeve with "Disneyland Resort" embroidered in colorful letters. The sleeve is part of a shirt featuring Mickey Mouse.

“Disneyland Resort” is embroidered on the left sleeve in rainbow thread.

Disney Pride Collection Belt Bag – $39.99

A black fanny pack with a blue zipper featuring a Disneyland Resort logo is being held in front of a display. Behind it, there are black caps with the same logo and a grey hoodie with a Disney character.

This bag is black with a blue plastic zipper. A patch on the front features Sleeping Beauty Castle and a rainbow border.

A black fanny pack with a colorful Disneyland Resort logo featuring a castle. The pack has a blue zipper and is displayed in front of a gray sweatshirt with a character print partially visible.

“Disneyland Resort” is embroidered in rainbow stripes below the patch.

A person with a Club 33-themed wristband holding a black and blue crossbody bag inside a retail store with shirts hanging in the background.

It has an adjustable strap with blue plastic hardware.

Disney Pride Collection Magnet – $10.00

A hand holds a packaged "DLR" sticker featuring a silhouette of Mickey Mouse and rainbow colors. The background shows a store interior with patterned floor tiles and shelves.

Lastly, the magnet is a white oval with a black border. “DLR” featuring rainbow stripes is in the center. Mickey’s silhouette stands on the “R.”

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