Black Spire Outpost From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Makes On-Screen Debut

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Black Spire Outpost, part of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland park, has made its in-universe on-screen debut.

Black Spire Outpost’s On-Screen Debut

star wars young jedi adventures poster cropped

The Outpost was featured in two episodes of “Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures,” part of the latest release batch. Though this is the first time Black Spire Outpost has been on-screen, “Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures” technically featured Batuu for the first time in the episode “Porgs.” SF-R3 visits the Batuu Wilds to try to teach tricks to a murder of Porgs. No recognizable landmarks (other than the spires) can be seen.

Black Spire Outpost On-Screen vs. In Park


Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 17

“Young Jedi Adventures” takes place during the High Republic Era — hundreds of years before the timeline of Galaxy’s Edge, which takes place during the New Republic Era, amid the events of the Sequel Trilogy, specifically between “Episode 8: The Last Jedi” and “Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.”

The timeline places Galaxy’s Edge in 34 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin, which is the defeat of the Empire at the end of “Episode 6: Return of the Jedi”). “Young Jedi Adventures” takes place in approximately 232 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). Several season 1 episodes are confirmed to occur in 232 BBY, though the exact date for the Batuu episodes has not been confirmed. (The Star Wars universe has many in-universe calendar systems and dating methods, but for the sake of simplicity, we are using the system used in official Disney reference publications).

This places the Batuu on screen and the Batuu guests can visit at Disney Parks 266 years apart, and era-appropriate differences are depicted.

The first appearance is in season 1, episode 22, in the segment “The Tale of the Short Spire.” It has the most screen time in Black Spire Outpost of the two episodes, though both reveal new information about Batuu.

Black Spire Outpost

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 3

In the 266 years between “Young Jedi Adventures” and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Black Spire Outpost has collected a layer of grime. The park land also includes more technology — like wires draped from building to building — that isn’t present in the time of “Young Jedi Adventures.”

In “Young Jedi Adventures,” the Outpost buildings look shiny and new. They are still mostly gray and beige, but some have colorful rooftops that are faded in Galaxy’s Edge.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 25

Many of the buildings in this shot don’t exist by the time of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. They’ve been replaced with locations like Savi’s Workshop and Ronto Roasters. They have the same round style, however.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 6

Blue, red, and purple banners hang throughout the Outpost in the show. Similar banners hang in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge but are dirty and tattered.


Docking Bay 5

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 5

The episode’s antagonist parks his ship in Docking Bay 5, the in-park location for the Millennium Falcon. Bakkar Spire can be seen in a wide shot.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 16

He accesses the roof of his ship by a catwalk similar to the one found at Black Spire Station.

galaxys edge rey chewbacca 22

The Station, where Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge characters often appear, doesn’t appear to exist yet.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 26 1 1

In the second episode featuring Batuu (episode 23, “The Caves of Batuu”), the Jedi practice lightsaber moves in an empty Docking Bay 5.

In an animated scene set in Black Spire Outpost, five characters gather in a village square surrounded by a large round building, trees, and a bright sky with clouds drifting lazily above.

The building of Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is visible behind some trees in a few shots.

A Star Wars-themed amusement park, Galaxy's Edge, features the Millennium Falcon, rugged structures at Black Spire Outpost, and a stormtrooper standing guard on a platform. Tourists are walking around the area.

Merchant Row

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 8

The white building with a gray rooftop in the above shot is Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. The titular Black Spire is located next to Dok’s but isn’t visible — or is absent due to an error.

dok ondars den of antiquities reopened star wars galaxys edge hollywood studios 18

Here’s what Dok-Ondar’s and the Black Spire look like in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 7

The villain seeks to cut down the spires of Batuu. Before the Jedi and locals can stop his droids, they cut the top off one spire in Black Spire Outpost.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 21

This is the spire closest to the Milk Stand, which is intact in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. So maybe the Jedi used the Force to put the broken piece back.


Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 13

The entrance to Oga’s Cantina is visible in the background when the Jedi fight off the bad guy’s droids. It has a distinct entrance archway but lacks Oga’s lettering or decorations.

DLR DL SWGE Galaxys Edge Ogas Cantina Stock

The location is referred to as a cantina in “Young Jedi Adventures,” but it must have been run by someone other than Oga, who wouldn’t be born for over 200 years.

Docking Bay 9

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 9

Docking Bay 9 in-park is home to the First Order. In the episode, the platform where Kylo Ren’s TIE Echelon sits is empty and the area has a little market stand selling fruit.

A crowd of people walks through an outdoor-themed area with rustic buildings, a spaceship-themed structure, and a flag on the left under a clear sky at Galaxy's Edge in Black Spire Outpost.

In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a First Order banner hangs over the square archway, which has gates that remain closed. The nearby trees have also been removed.

The Milk Stand

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 4

The Milk Stand appears prominently in several scenes. This contradicts the existing lore, as “The Black Spire Outpost Cookbook” states that the stand was founded by Bubo Wamba, who wouldn’t be alive for about another 200 years.

The Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

In the show, the stand has a red fabric canopy. The show doesn’t include the many wires and orbs around the stand.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 23

A humanoid is seen behind the counter and around the stand several times, though it’s unclear if he is the owner/operator of the stand in this era. A jug resembling the Bubo Wamba Family Farms Novelty Drink Vessel can be seen, though the design lacks the farm’s text logo.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 14

Both green Thala Siren milk and blue Bantha milk are seen.

milk stand cups

Here are the two real-life souvenir cups with green and blue milk inside.

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Black Spire Outpost 15

Just like many visitors, these droids don’t like blue or green milk.

Beyond the Outpost

The Batuu Jedi Temple

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Jedi Temple 1

We get another look at the Batuu Jedi Temple, first seen in the VR video game “Tales From Galaxy’s Edge.” From the game, we know the Temple will be closed in 232, meaning the Jedi seen there in the show are some of the last to study at the research facility.

Unknown Wilds

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Wilds

In the second episode, Master Drow and Kai venture into the Batuu Wilds, an undeveloped forest area of the planet near Black Spire Outpost.

Force Vision Cave

Young Jedi Adventures Batuu Force Vision Cave

They visit a cave strong with the Force. There are crumbling walls and columns around the cave entrance — maybe part of the same ancient ruins where the Resistance have made their base in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

“Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures” is available to watch on Disney+.

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