Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Cast Member Costumes Revealed & More: Daily Recap (5/30/24)

Brit Tuttle

A collage of four themed images: a rainbow Mickey Mouse hat, people on a water ride, a statue of a man with a mouse character, and a lightsaber hilt in sand serves as the perfect daily recap.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Cast Member Costumes Revealed & More: Daily Recap (5/30/24)

We spotted Cast Members wearing their Tiana’s Bayou Adventure costumes, a petition started by DAS Defenders has hit 16,000 signatures — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Thursday May 30, 2024.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

A group of people wearing yellow hats are riding a boat-shaped log on a water-themed amusement ride. Some are waving at the camera. This moment is part of our daily recap, showcasing the joy and excitement surrounded by lush greenery.

New Merchandise

A person wearing a pink jacket with a Disney backpack featuring a donut Mickey Mouse design, and a plush toy of Stitch holding a donut, makes for an adorable daily recap.
  • We just got a first look at two different donut-themed merchandise collections.
  • To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney is releasing a Ki-Adi-Mundi Legacy Lightsaber collectible box set.

Other Walt Disney World News

Close-up of a castle with blue conical roofs and a clock on its facade. An ornate lantern is visible in the foreground, adding an extra touch of charm to this picturesque daily recap.
  • A petition started by a group called DAS Defenders has reached 16,000 signatures.
  • Details of the development agreement between Walt Disney World and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District have been made public.

Disneyland Resort

A sign above an entrance reads "Hungry Bear Restaurant" with an illustration of a bear, as if ready to give you the daily recap of delectable delights. Trees and part of a wooden structure are visible in the background.

Disney Cruise Line

Promotional image for Disney Adventure cruise line, showing the front view of a Disney cruise ship with decorative gold designs, and text indicating that it will sail from Singapore in 2025. Plus, enjoy a daily recap of onboard activities to make your journey even more magical!

Entertainment and Media

Popcorn bucket shaped like Deadpool with a penguin mask, featuring the text "DESIGNED BY DEADPOOL" on the front, surrounded by scattered popcorn and a hidden nod to Wolverine.

WDW News Today

Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship & Skull Rock – Peter Pan Neverland in Fantasy Springs, Tokyo DisneySea

Celebrating Baseball Season on Disney Plus with the 1993 Classic Movie “Rookie of the Year!”

That’s it for today; we hope you enjoyed this Daily Recap. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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