BREAKING: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Attraction Sign Revealed, Construction Walls Down at Magic Kingdom

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Image of a theme park attraction with lush greenery, rocky formations, and a water tower. The "Bayou Adventure" sign stands prominently amid the foliage. A fence and stone path are visible in the foreground under a clear blue sky.

BREAKING: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Attraction Sign Revealed, Construction Walls Down at Magic Kingdom

The construction walls have come down at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom, revealing the attraction’s brand-new sign.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Sign

A Disneyland attraction sign reads "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" with a backdrop of foliage-covered rocks and a water tower labeled "Tiana's Foods.

Following the Disney Parks Instagram account revealing the sign in a new post, we went to Magic Kingdom to see the sign for ourselves. The sign is made of twisting greenery to form two poles, holding a purple sign that reads “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.” A small yellow lily flower sits inside the “O” in “Bayou.” Two large pink lily lamps illuminate the sign on either side.

A wooden picket fence surrounds the entrance to Tiana's Bayou Adventure, marked by an ornate sign, with lush greenery and a small tower visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

Construction walls also came down overnight at Magic Kingdom, offering guests their first look at the completed attraction exterior.

Two people stand in front of a white picket fence and a sign that reads "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" in a theme park. Trees and rocks are visible in the background.

During our visit, we spotted the Walt Disney World Ambassadors and other members of Disney media shooting content at the attraction.

A wooden ticket booth with green shutters stands near a fence, beside a sign pointing towards "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" against a backdrop of trees and a rocky hillside.

Other decor has been unveiled now that the construction walls have come down, like this wooden kiosk next to a Tiana’s Bayou Adventure directional sign. Both are behind wooden fencing.

A clear day at an amusement park with a themed area featuring water, lily pads, lush trees, and rock structures under a blue sky.

With the walls down, we can now get an even closer look at the bayou area outside. Log ride vehicles were also testing while we were nearby.

Log flume ride entrance surrounded by rocky terrain and greenery, with a sign overhead reading "Welcome" and additional text beneath.

The “Welcome to all who come to this happy place” banner is now in full, unobstructed view.

A log flume water ride with a gentle curve surrounded by trees and rocky landscaping on a sunny day.

Ride testing signs in the lagoon area have also been taken down.

A purple sign reads "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" with directional arrows and stands against a backdrop of rustic buildings and trees, under a clear blue sky.

Near the Frontierland Railroad Station, another new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure sign has gone up. This one is purple with a green border and has directional arrows pointing in either direction. A smaller sign below with a lily flower reads “Everybody’s welcome!”

A signpost in a park with directions to "Tiana's Bayou Adventure," "Tom Sawyer Island," "Train Station," and "Restrooms." Trees and people walking are visible in the background.

More directional signs have been installed in the area, with this one pointing the way to not only Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, but also Tom Sawyer Island, the train station, and restrooms.

A wooden building with a "Restrooms" sign. Two white lamps hang on the exterior wall. The pathway is paved with stones, and there are trees in the background. A person walks in the distance.

Stroller parking underneath the train station has also opened.

A wooden sign with "Stroller Parking" in purple letters and a stroller icon, with arrows pointing left and right, attached to a wooden post.

The new sign continues the color theme of purple and green, with a stroller illustration and arrows pointing to the right where they can be parked.

A construction area with barriers, paving stones, and a partly paved ground. The site is surrounded by greenery, wooden fencing, and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Behind the remaining walls near the train station, another sign for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has been installed. It features the same visual look as the sign in the flowerbed above.

A small green train engine is next to a painted building with signs for a main entrance. Workers in orange safety vests are constructing something with a ladder and equipment visible. Trees are in the background.

Stanchions have been added in front of the barn entrance in the queue, allowing guests to line up and stand without overcrowding. The Tiana’s Foods delivery truck has also been uncovered.

A circular medallion made of various stones is set into a stone-tiled ground, surrounded by four metal stanchions with chains. A hose extends across the bottom of the image.

Rockwork in the ground in front of the barn also reveals a nod to Evangeline and Ray.

A small, pink birdhouse is perched on a post among lush greenery and string lights in a garden setting.

We also spotted a new birdhouse in the queue, this time a bright pink color with a black roof.

Two people stand by a blue lamppost and an orange ladder in a fenced area with greenery. One of them, wearing a red dress, is pointing at something while the other holds a camera.

Disney media was also present in the queue for filming.

View through wooden fence rails showing a person in a blue shirt and brown pants walking on a stone path.

Cast Members were out and about in the back queue, with one wearing a new ascot featuring Mardi Gras colors. They are likely present for the test and adjust period before previews begin.

A view of a colorful building and a large playground with various climbing structures, surrounded by trees under a clear blue sky.

Yesterday, Disney shared a first look at the inside of the attraction in the newest episode of the Walt Disney Imagineering web series, “We Call It Imagineering.” While the episode focused on music created for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and the upcoming Country Bear Musical Jamboree, viewers got to see several scenes about Tiana’s journey through the bayou, including its audio-animatronic-filled finale. The episode also offered a first listen at the ride’s original song by Grammy Award-winning New Orleans musician PJ Morton, “Special Spice.”

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure construction IMG 2981

In our most recent construction update, themed trashcans and a birdhouse made to look like the yellow barn have been added to the outdoor queue, and more last-minute painting has taken place.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens on June 28 at Magic Kingdom. Previews of the ride for Annual Passholders, Disney Vacation Club Members, D23 Gold Members, and Cast Members will occur throughout early June. Magic Kingdom park reservations for the Annual Passholder preview dates are all booked up, and tickets for the D23 Gold Member preview event sold out in just 12 minutes.

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