Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Gets New Paint and Lighting One Month Before Grand Opening

Toni Ferrigno

Two Tiana's Bayou Adventure images side by side: one showing a building under maintenance with scaffolding and ladders, the other showing a rustic structure with lavender double doors. Both buildings feature wooden railings.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Gets New Paint and Lighting One Month Before Grand Opening

With just a month until its June 28 grand opening at Walt Disney World, construction at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure appears to be in its final stages, with loads of small details being worked on.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction Update

Several people walk near a brown wooden building with a red facade and a sign that reads "Frontierland." The area has trees, fences, and posters on display. The entrance to Tiana's Bayou Adventure can be seen.

Starting at Frontierland Railroad Station and the future home of the attraction’s entrance, new lighting has been installed on the entrance marquee.

A wooden structure with a red exterior and a balcony is shown. Scaffolding is set up beneath the balcony, and there are plants and hanging lanterns in the foreground.

The new light fixture can be seen just between the two frames, which will be for Lightning Lane and Standby wait times. It matches the figures on lampposts in the area.

A construction worker wearing a safety vest and helmet stands on scaffolding near a building facade, with foliage and theme park decorations visible in the background.

A crew member could be seen working on the fake foliage above the sign, which has been filled out even more since we first saw it being installed.

Construction site with scaffolding, building materials, and equipment next to a landscaped area and pathway.

In a view from above, you can get a different look at both the light fixture and the greenery.

An empty boat ride track with a sign indicating "we are testing dive" and promising it will open later in the summer is surrounded by trees and greenery.

We noticed quite a few locations were getting painted. Paint supplies could be seen in the flume area after the drop.

A brightly painted building features a colorful mural on one side. The scene includes ladders and construction equipment, suggesting ongoing work. Trees and a boardwalk are also visible.

Moving over to the Tiana’s Foods barn in the queue, crew members were actively working on multiple projects.

A wooden building with yellow and beige siding features purple double doors, an outdoor staircase, and several wall-mounted lanterns. A "Wet Floor" sign is positioned near the entrance.

The double doors on the side of the barn have been painted purple, matching the newly painted window frames over the barn’s Main Entrance sign.

Construction workers performing maintenance on a building at an amusement park. A ladder, traffic cones, and caution tape surround the area. A sign above the door reads "MAIN ENTRANCE.

The signs on the doors of the barn warning of a “Fifty-foot plunge ahead” have been covered to prevent damage while painting is done. A crew member appeared to be working on painting wood just beyond those doors. The interior second set of doors has been painted green to match the first set.

Outdoor area under construction with ladders, caution tape, traffic cones, and various equipment next to a building marked "Main Entrance." Trees and fencing are visible in the background.

Additionally, caution tape has been added to the floor in multiple locations in this area. Further back, crew members continue to work on wiring the lamp and speaker posts in the back queue.

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