PHOTOS: Walk Through the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel Guest-Exclusive Fantasy Springs Entrance

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Composite image showing from Fantasy Springs Entrance three frames on a wall with themed posters, the façade of a themed building, a wall plaque with an ornate "T" emblem, and an entrance gate with "Tokyo DisneySea" signage.

PHOTOS: Walk Through the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel Guest-Exclusive Fantasy Springs Entrance

We took a walk through the Fantasy Springs Entrance available exclusively to guests staying at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel.

Fantasy Springs Entrance

Fantasy Springs Entrance with columns leading to a building with pink and cream façade details and a teal sign above. The area is roped off with no people present.

Guests staying at the Fantasy Springs Hotel will have their own dedicated entrance into the new themed port. This Fantasy Springs Entrance is outside of Tokyo DisneySea and takes guests directly into Fantasy Springs via covered walkways.

It is different from the Fantasy Springs Entryway, which is between Lost River Delta, Arabian Coast, and Fantasy Springs and features rock formations inspired by “Peter Pan,” “Frozen,” and “Tangled.”

Fantasy Springs officially opens on June 6, though it has had soft opening guest preview dates sporadically in the weeks leading to June 6.

Entrance to Tokyo DisneySea, featuring an ornate, pastel-colored building facade and decorative metal gate.

The entrance is on the Grand Chateau side of Fantasy Springs Hotel and allows for direct Fantasy Springs entrance and exit at any time during park hours. To enter, guests must have a valid park ticket to Tokyo DisneySea and proof of stay at Fantasy Springs Hotel. Those wishing to re-enter must have their hand stamped by a Cast Member upon exit.

A group of people waits in line at an ornately decorated entrance gate, featuring green accents and intricate designs, likely entering a theme park or similar location.

The arched tunnels allow for a view of the magical springs as guests walk through the entrance.

An ornate sign with a green background and text reading "Frozen Ever After" stands near a construction area with orange cones, ropes, and metal structures. Trees and bushes are in the background.

Work around the entrance is not fully complete, but will likely be all clear prior to the grand opening of the land. Here, you can see construction supplies surrounding a golden-framed tip board.

An entrance to Bayside Station with construction scaffolding inside and tape indicating restricted access. A potted plant and a street lamp are on either side of the entrance.

The Fantasy Springs Entrance is just across the way from Bayside Station, a Disney Resort Line monorail station. This stop is also the closest option for Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel and Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels.

A group of people stand under a white, decorative archway adorned with gold chandeliers. Some people are dressed in costumes. The archway leads to an entrance with a sign displaying text in the background.

The whimsical feeling of Fantasy Springs begins as guests pass through, with gold filigree details painted onto the ceiling.

Three framed posters against a stone wall, featuring "Frozen," "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh," and "Peter Pan's Never Land Adventure," displayed in ornate, gold-colored frames.

Posters for attractions found inside Fantasy Springs hang on the wall in ornate gold-colored frames, including Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies, and Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure.

A building wall with two ornate lanterns and a decorative plaque in the center featuring the letters "TS.

Just before you enter into Fantasy Springs, there is a plaque with the initials of the land: FS.

For everything you need to know about Fantasy Springs, you can check out our full guide, as well as our guide to experiencing the land with Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access.

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