VIDEO: Full Tour of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

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A man wearing glasses smiles in front of a rocky scene and a tower. Text reads "Fantasy Springs Full Tour with Tom" as he introduces the magical journey.

VIDEO: Full Tour of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

We’re walking you through a full tour of Fantasy Springs, the brand-new port opening at Tokyo DisneySea.

Fantasy Springs

Fantasy Springs entrance

Officially opening on June 8, 2024, Fantasy Springs, the eighth themed port of Tokyo DisneySea, draws inspiration from three Disney classics: “Peter Pan,” “Frozen,” and “Tangled.” The port is currently in soft opening to all guests on select days leading up to its official grand opening. On one of those days, we took a trip through the land, touring through the attractions, dining offerings, shopping, and more.

Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Rock Formations

Rapunzel rock formation at Fantasy Springs

Throughout Fantasy Springs, guests can encounter large rock formations with water elements, all themed to different Disney characters. At the front entrance, before passing through tunnels into the land, you’ll encounter formations themed to “Peter Pan,” Frozen,” and “Tangled.” Guests can also find characters from other Disney animated films including “Fantasia,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Pocahontas,” “Snow White,” and “Bambi.”

Fantasy Springs Gifts

Fantasy Springs Gifts exterior at Fantasy Springs

On the first floor of the Fantasy Springs Hotel, you’ll find the only gift shop for the port: Fantasy Springs Gifts. During our visit, the shop was open to browse, but the new Fantasy Springs merchandise could not be purchased. Theming around the shop details the backstory of Fantasy Springs, sharing that a spirit in the magical Springs was responsible for carving all of the elements guests see around the port, after being inspired by characters she’d encountered on her journeys. A Duchess later discovered the beauty of the Springs, eventually building a grand palace (Fantasy Springs Hotel) to share the beauty with all her friends.

Peter Pan’s Never Land

Peter Pan's Never Land Adventure exterior at Fantasy Springs

Peter Pan’s Never Land is home to two attractions: Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, and Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies. Guests can also head to Crocodile Dock, where they can board the Jolly Roger or take a look inside Skull Rock. Dining offerings include the Popcorn Wagon, serving up roast beef popcorn, and quick-service dishes at Lookout Cookout.

Frozen Kingdom

Anna and Elsa's Frozen Journey exterior at Fantasy Springs

Frozen Kingdom may be the most fully realized “Frozen”-themed land yet. While it shares some similarities to Hong Kong Disneyland’s World of Frozen, the full-size Arendelle Castle, and Elsa’s Ice Palace on the North Mountain in the distance are quite impactful. Inside this area of Fantasy Springs, guests can ride Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, pick up Yoo-Hoo Bread from Oaken’s OK Foods, and dine at the counter service restaurant, Royal Banquet of Arendelle.

Rapunzel’s Forest

Rapunzel's Lantern Festival exterior at Fantasy Springs

Rapunzel’s Forest brings to life the world of “Tangled,” It has one attraction: Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival. Part of the attraction, but viewable for all guests walking through the land is Rapunzel’s tower complete with an audio-animatronic of Rapunzel singing “When Will My Life Begin” in Japanese. Guests can dine at the quick-service location, The Snuggly Duckling.

Watch our full video tour of the new land below:

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