REVIEW: “I’ve Got a Nightmare” – The Snuggly Duckling Restaurant Disappoints in Tangled Kingdom at Fantasy Springs

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A tray holds five wrapped sandwiches, a small cup of fries, a frosted beverage with a red straw, a fruit-topped dessert in a skillet, and a frosted cupcake on a wooden table.

REVIEW: “I’ve Got a Nightmare” – The Snuggly Duckling Restaurant Disappoints in Tangled Kingdom at Fantasy Springs

Step into the world of “Tangled” with The Snuggly Duckling restaurant, part of the new Rapunzel’s Forest area in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea.

The Snuggly Duckling

A small stage with barrels as the floor, featuring a wooden desk and chair, against a backdrop of red curtains and a painted village scene.

The quick-service location is decorated with tons of details and Easter eggs. Hook Hand’s piano is on a stage overlooking one of three dining rooms. You won’t have trouble finding a place to sit.

Two wooden high chairs for children are placed side by side against a stone wall. The chairs feature armrests and a small footrest.

The adorable Snuggly Duckling logo is on props and furniture throughout the restaurant, including these highchairs.

A rustic wooden fireplace with a metal grate displaying glowing red embers inside, surrounded by stone and wooden details.

It’s also on the fireplace grate.

Barrels with yellow duck symbols, a stuffed toy, and a sack are stored on a wooden shelf below a wood-paneled ceiling. An iron chain and a lantern are attached to the wall on the right.

Look up and you may spot Pinocchio.

Wooden shelf with a small puppet theater scene featuring a horse and a chameleon on strings. The background includes a barrel, pottery, and wooden instruments. The setting includes wooden walls.

He’s joined by puppet versions of Pascal and Maximus. Check out more photos of The Snuggly Duckling.

A hand holds a tray with "The Snuggly Duckling" written on it. The tray features a duckling illustration and the text "Hosted by Calbee.

The Snuggly Duckling is sponsored by Calbee, Inc. The snack company also sponsors the Royal Banquet of Arendelle and Camp Woodchuck Kitchen at Tokyo Disneyland. Their logo is below The Snuggly Duckling logo on the restaurant’s themed trays.

A tray holds five wrapped sandwiches, a small cup of fries, a frosted beverage with a red straw, a fruit-topped dessert in a skillet, and a frosted cupcake on a wooden table.

The Snuggly Duckling mostly offers burgers. You can buy them individually or as a meal set with a salad or French Fries and a soft drink.

A chicken sandwich on a paper wrapper, a cup of french fries, and a cold drink are on a wooden table.

For an additional ¥440, you can change the soft drink to Rapunzel’s Magical Milk Tea, which is what we did. For an additional ¥390, you can swap the soft drink for draft beer. The venue also has two desserts: the Caramel Duckling Muffin and Lemon & Strawberry Sweets Ever After in a frying pan.

Duckling Dream Burger Set – ¥1,440
Duckling Dream Burger Single Item – ¥900

A hand holding a cheeseburger with a yellow bun, beef patty, tomato slice, mayo, and ketchup against a wooden background.

These burgers are topped with tomato, a giant slice of ham, and slaw. They don’t look appetizing and they don’t taste great either. We never like Tokyo Disney Resort’s burgers. They aren’t inedible. The bun is mushy. The surprising slice of ham actually helps but barely. The burger is the most okay a burger can be. It’s below the quality of most American fast food restaurants.

Rating out of 7: 1

Duckling Dream Cheeseburger Set – ¥1,490
Duckling Dream Cheeseburger Single Item – ¥950

A close-up of a cheeseburger with a single patty, cheese, shredded lettuce, and sauce, wrapped in a brown paper wrapper.

The single slice of barely melted American cheese didn’t save it.

A close-up of a hand holding a burger with a yellow bun, beef patty, slice of processed meat, tomato, purple cabbage, and sauce.

Rating out of 7: 1

Fried Shrimp Burger Set – ¥1,490
Fried Shrimp Burger Single Item – ¥950

A person holds a sandwich with a fried shrimp patty and purple coleslaw in a yellow bun, wrapped in brown paper.

This is the most okay of the bunch. It has a nice sauce, which we think is tartar. The fried shrimp patty isn’t bad. It’s not too fishy and it’s a good size.

Rating out of 7: 3

Plant-Based Burger Set – ¥1,490
Plant-Based Burger Single Item – ¥950

A cooked burger with a yellow bun, meat patty, and a small amount of toppings held in a brown paper wrapper.

There’s a potent sauce on this that tastes like a bad Thousand Island. The plant-based patty is fine. It’s better than the hamburger patty. Still, if you need something plant-based, go elsewhere in the park.

Rating out of 7: 2

Rapunzel’s Magical Milk Tea – ¥800

A plastic cup with a layered cold beverage, featuring dark liquid on the bottom, white foam on top, and yellow granules sprinkled over the foam, with a red straw inserted. Placed on a wooden surface.

This drink has no description, which is frustrating because there’s a fruity taste that we can’t identify. A classic milk tea is sweetened black tea, milk, and tapioca balls. We think the yellow balls on top of this drink are standard tapioca.

A plastic cup filled with a frothy, layered beverage garnished with yellow crumbs and a red straw, placed on a wooden surface.

It’s sweet and milky. We like it.

Rating out of 7: 5

Caramel Duckling Muffin – ¥600

A hand holding a small cupcake with creamy frosting and a duck-shaped cookie on top, set in a decorative wrapper with a duck motif. The background shows a warmly lit interior with various decor items.

This muffin is topped with a Snuggly Duckling cookie and comes in a Snuggly Duckling wrapper, for a cute presentation. The cookie is a good shortbread.

Close-up of a half-eaten cupcake with light brown frosting on top, being held in a hand over an orange patterned paper wrapper.

This is phenomenal. It’s the right amount of sweet. The caramel filling is rich and light so it doesn’t weigh down the muffin. The cake is soft and moist. It tastes like a spiced cake.

Rating out of 7: 7

Lemon & Strawberry Sweets Ever After – ¥700

A small cake with custard, strawberry, blueberry, and flower-shaped decorations in a black dish alongside a drink and food items on a wooden table.

This is also lacking a helpful description. It has a cute presentation with the frying pan. There’s a fresh strawberry and blueberry on top. There’s a lemon cream with an artificial tartness but it works. The strawberry chunks on top and inside taste real. The pastry isn’t hot but it’s soft, light, and airy. It’s not as good as the muffin but it’s good.

Rating out of 7: 5


Guests enjoy meals at a wooden table in a themed restaurant with fairy tale murals on the wall.

Only the desserts and milk tea are worth getting at The Snuggly Duckling. Everything else is bad.

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Watch our video review of all the Fantasy Springs food and beverage offerings below.

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