Tokyo Disney Resort Shares New Map and Full Photo Tour of Fantasy Springs Lands

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A picturesque view of a Peter Pan's Never Land featuring a red pirate ship moored in a calm blue lagoon with vividly green, rock-shaped structures in the background.

Tokyo Disney Resort Shares New Map and Full Photo Tour of Fantasy Springs Lands

Tokyo Disney Resort shared an updated map of Tokyo DisneySea including Fantasy Springs, as well as a full photo tour of the port’s three lands: Peter Pan’s Never Land, Frozen Kingdom, and Rapunzel’s Forest.

Tokyo DisneySea Map

Illustrated map of Tokyo DisneySea including Fantasy Springs

The map shows how Fantasy Springs stretches out from the back of Tokyo DisneySea. Its entrance is between Lost River Delta and Arabian Coast. The Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel is located at the back of Fantasy Springs.

Fantasy Springs Entrance

Fantasy Springs entrance walkway with visitors passing through lush greenery on rock formations with carvings.

Guests enter through tunnels in a magical spring. The rockwork around the tunnels features giant sculptures of the featured characters: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Rapunzel.

A vibrant twilight view of a whimsical outdoor area with illuminated, colorful rock formations and pathways, with people walking around.

At night, the springs are illuminated with magical blue and red lights.

A vividly illuminated waterfall cascading down a rock formation sculpted to resemble Peter Pan, surrounded by lush greenery at night.

The literal spring operates as a portal into the world of Fantasy Springs.

Rock formation with a Tinker Bell carving on textured stone and patches of greenery under a bright, natural light.
Sculpture of Olaf the snowman integrated into a large rock, surrounded by lush greenery.
A night-time scene of a whimsical, illuminated rock sculpture of Elsa and Anna with vibrant blue and purple lighting.
Illuminated rock formations and foliage in a garden at night, highlighted with purple and blue lights. A sculpture of Rapunzel's head and hair is in the center.

Peter Pan’s Never Land

A vibrant theme park scene with whimsical treehouse structures, lush palm trees, and a backdrop of mountains decorated to resemble green landscapes.

After entering, guests can veer left into Peter Pan’s Never Land or take a right into Rapunzel’s Forest.

Rocky mountain peaks with moss and stone outcroppings against a blue sky with streaky clouds.

Never Land is framed by large mountains with permanent clouds floating around the peaks.

Colorful, pointed-roof huts nestled between lush green cliffs and palm trees under a clear blue sky.

The Native American village is visible among the mountains.

A picturesque view of a themed park featuring a red pirate ship moored in a calm blue lagoon with vividly green, rock-shaped structures in the background.

The land’s main attraction is Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure.

A lagoon houses Captain Hook’s ship — the Jolly Roger — and Skull Rock.

Visitors in a theme park admiring a large, ornate pink pirate ship anchored in a small lake surrounded by rocky terrain and lush foliage.

The Jolly Roger is a full-size red pirate ship.

Family walking towards a large, ornate pirate ship in a theme park on a sunny day.

Guests can explore the ship, entering via a bridge leading from the shore.

A family with two children and their mother on a pirate ship, examining a treasure map together in a theme park.

Captain Hook’s desk with his map and ledger are on deck.

Wooden pirate ship deck featuring ornate red railings, stairs, barrels, and a door labeled "the galley.

There are various props like cannonballs and barrels on the ship.

A family explores a large, red pirate ship with children ringing a bell and adults watching joyfully in an outdoor setting.

Guests can ring the bell and spin the ship’s wheel.

A wooden ship's steering wheel mounted on a deck, with intricate banisters and a maritime setting in the background.

The wheel is decorated with golden hook motifs.

Decorative pirate ship stern with a skull icon, surrounded by nautical motifs and treasure chests, under a clear blue sky.
A scenic path with paving stones leads through a lush garden with tall palm trees, surrounded by rustic wooden fences and hanging lanterns.

There are paths around the lagoon with drawings by the Lost Boys.

Statue of a gnome with a target on his belly, surrounded by arrows and gardening tools in a lush park setting.

Some of the island residents have been practicing their bow and arrow work with dummies of Mr. Smee and Tick-Tock Croc.

A large skull-shaped rock formation with multiple eye sockets overlooking a serene pond with small waterfalls, surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees.

Skull Rock has waterfalls around it.

A tropical beach scene with a collection of items like barrels, sacks, a net, an old cannon, and antlers arranged on the sand, surrounded by lush greenery.

The beach is littered with supplies.

A colorful themed playground with drums, a totem pole, and decorative shields in a sunny outdoor setting.

A small campsite has a campfire and a totem pole inspired by the crocodile, Mr. Smee, and Captain Hook.

A sunny tropical-themed garden featuring a wooden 'tiki hide' sign, lush green plants, and palm trees, with a rocky path and a rope fence.

A sign points guests to Pixie Hollow, where they can ride Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies.

Rowboat with oars and a treasure chest on a small sandy cove surrounded by rocks and bamboo, viewed from above.

A boat is tied to a rock with a treasure chest nearby.

Twilight view of a lush, fantastical mountain structure with vibrant, glowing blue accents in a theme park setting, surrounded by rich greenery and a clear sky.

Lights illuminate the land at night.

A pirate ship next to a rocky cove with illuminated windows at sunset, reflecting on calm water.

There are lanterns hanging inside the eyes of Skull Rock.

A large, detailed pirate ship with red hull and multiple masts moored next to a rocky cove under a twilight sky.

More lanterns light up on the Jolly Roger, reflecting off the water.

Frozen Kingdom

Colorful advertisement painted on the side of a wooden building promoting "wandering oaken's sauna and sun balm" featuring a cartoon image of oaken and sven from disney's frozen.

Near the back of the land is Frozen Kingdom, featuring Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey.

A scenic view of a fantasy-themed amusement park with visitors walking near a river, featuring elaborate castle-like buildings and a snow-capped mountain in the background.

Guests can also dine inside Arendelle Castle. Elsa’s Ice Palace is visible on the North Mountain in the distance.

Illuminated rocky mountain peak at night with blue lighting under a dark sky, a traditional building visible to the side.

The palace is illuminated with icy blue and white lights at night.

Nighttime view of a fantasy-themed amusement park with an illuminated castle and rocky, snow-capped mountain peak in the background.

Outside Arendelle Castle are the docks and village.

Twilight view of a deserted theme park street with benches, illuminated lampposts, and a castle in the background.

There are benches and trees lining the sidewalks.

A nighttime view of a quaint village with tudor-style buildings illuminated by warm lights, featuring a wooden sleigh in the foreground.

A sleigh sits outside a shaded space.

Rapunzel’s Forest

Pathway in a park with wooden archways and a view of a fairy tale castle tower and hills in the background on a sunny day.

Rapunzel’s Forest is full of trees and shrubbery. There are wooden lampposts along the stone-lined paths.

A fairytale tower with a pointed, shingled roof covered in vines surrounded by large, rugged boulders under a clear blue sky.

Rapunzel’s tower, covered in vines, overlooks the land.

Rapunzel peeking from a window in her iconic tower, adorned with colorful flowers, under a clear blue sky.

Rapunzel herself can be seen looking out her window.

Visitors stroll through a bustling fairy tale-themed amusement park with a thatched-roof cottage and towering castle spire under a clear blue sky.

Here, guests can ride Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival and enjoy The Snuggly Duckling.

Other Facilities

tdr tds fantasy springs facilities 2

There is also a Park Information location inside Fantasy Springs. It’s tucked into a stone wall with a tree of pink flowers growing over it.

tdr tds fantasy springs facilities 3
Rustic wooden gateway with a stone backdrop and decorative metal masks, set in a landscaped area with pine trees under a clear sky.

There are water fountains built into a themed stone structure.

Fantasy Springs will open at Tokyo DisneySea on June 6, 2024.

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