VIDEO: Full Ride Through of Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

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VIDEO: Full Ride Through of Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

We took a ride on the first-ever “Tangled”-themed ride — Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival — on May 16, the first day of soft-opening for Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea.

Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival

Rapunzel's Lantern Festival exterior

Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival sees guests making their way to the Kingdom of Corona’s annual lantern festival as they relive the story of “Tangled.” The attraction is part of the Rapunzel’s Forest area in Fantasy Springs, which also includes a Snuggly Duckling dining location. The grand opening of Fantasy Springs will be held on June 6.

Rapunzel's Lantern Festival gondola

The attraction begins outside, with guests riding in a gondola past Rapunzel singing “When Will My Life Begin” in Japanese from her tower. Flynn, Maximus, and Pascal can be seen on the opposite side of the waterway.

Rapunzel's Lantern Festival "best day ever scene"

As the gondola enters the show building, guests are taken past the “best day ever” scene, with Rapunzel swinging by her hair around a tree… and Flynn. This is followed by a look at the exterior of the Snuggly Duckling.

Rapunzel's Lantern Festival healing scene

Rapunzel can then be seen healing Flynn while singing the “Healing Incantation.” Corona Castle is in the distance, with lanterns beginning to float into the sky.

Rapunzel's Lantern Festival floating lantern scene

Guests enter into the next scene to see Rapunzel and Flynn singing “I See the Light” with the sky covered in floating lanterns. The pair sit in the center of a gondola with Pascal. The thugs from the Snuggly Duckling look on as the gondola makes its way to the exit.

Rapunzel's Lantern Festival final scene

In the final scene before unloading, a small Pascal animatronic can be spotted holding a paintbrush, with murals of moments from “Tangled” covering the walls.

Watch our full video ride through below:

What do you think of the first-ever “Tangled” ride? Is it one you look forward to riding? Let us know in the comments below.

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