Full Daytime AND Nighttime Videos of Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

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Two images of a honeycomb-themed attraction with dripping golden honey and cartoon bees at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea. The left image shows it in daylight, while the right image is illuminated at night, creating a magical scene reminiscent of Fairy Tinker Bell's world.

Full Daytime AND Nighttime Videos of Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies is a brand new attraction at Tokyo DisneySea, and we were able to capture full ride POV videos during daytime and nighttime as part of a soft opening for Fantasy Springs.

Fantasy Springs is a new port at the park that contains attractions, dining, and more centered around Peter Pan & Tinker Bell, “Tangled,” and “Frozen.” It opens to the public on June 6.

Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies

The ride takes guests into Pixie Hollow, shrinking them down to the size of fairies. Tinker Bell recruits them to help deliver packages, and guests pass through all four seasons in Pixie Hollow as they go.

A first look at the attraction and queue was released by Tokyo Disney Resort in advance of the opening.


Entrance to the seven dwarfs mine featuring a stone arch covered in green foliage and purple flowers, with a rustic wooden sign.

The ride starts out during springtime, so the entrance and the queue are full of bright flowers.

Visitors exploring a whimsical garden featuring oversized, colorful flower sculptures under a sunny sky.
TDR TDS Fantasy Springs Tinker Bells Busy Buggies On Ride 8

Different fairy houses are in each season.

Giant, vibrant sunflower sculptures tower over a whimsical outdoor display featuring oversized seeds, baskets, and an animated character peeking out.

Giant sunflowers herald the change to summer.

A colorful, oversized sculpture of a beehive surrounded by large grass blades, bees, and honey droplets in an outdoor setting.

Honey bees are also working hard to create delicious honey, which you can see as you pass by.

Visitors enjoying a ride in a giant pea pod shaped cart surrounded by oversized pumpkin and leaf sculptures in a thematic garden.

And autumn brings giant pumpkins. Guests ride in woven baskets as they make their deliveries.

Sculpture garden featuring oversized metal dandelions and mushrooms under a clear, sunny sky.

Giant dandelions and mushrooms hold up a dew-covered spider web.

A whimsical winter-themed fairy cave with a sign stating "winter fairies only," surrounded by fake snow, ice sculptures, and lush greenery.

The ride makes a quick transition to winter before spinning back into spring to close out the attraction.

Watch our full daytime video below.


A whimsical tree at night adorned with glowing lanterns and illuminated script reading "here is where the magic lives" among vibrant flowers and mushrooms.

The attraction has special lighting for nighttime rides.

Visitors walk through a whimsical garden pathway with oversized, illuminated flowers and a vibrant carousel at dusk.
Nighttime view of a whimsical garden with oversized, illuminated flowers and plants, featuring a large flower resembling a castle.
A whimsical nighttime scene of a large, glowing stone honey structure with honey flowing, surrounded by oversized plants and playful insect characters.
Illuminated, oversized flower sculptures and dandelion-like figures stand among trees in a nighttime outdoor setting.
Night view of a whimsical garden with vibrant blue and purple lighting, featuring an imaginative, eye-shaped structure and oversized, illuminated flowers.

Watch our full nighttime video below.

The other Peter Pan & Tinker Bell themed parts of Fantasy Springs are another ride (Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure), and the dining venue Lookout Cookout.

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